Dennis Skulsky stepping into different role with the Lions

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Effective April 1, moving from President and CEO to a vice-chairman role.

A prelude to an eventual ownership change too?

Hope his successor can bring the Lions back to the forefront. Hasn't been the same since Ackles passing.

The Lions are probably the league's biggest question mark at the moment (if Argo ST numbers are as high as hoped), so they need to do something to create more of a connection with the fans in the area. I hope that whoever replaces Skulsky can get it done. :thup:

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Speculation that Skulsky is moving to one side so as to be part of his own ownership acquisition group (of #BCLions). - @FifthQtr #CFL

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have Buono doing double duty as coach and GM, now Old Man Braley is taking over as President.

It’ll be hilarious to watch the comedy act in BC - - unfortunately this kind of incompetent brain trust means the league is likely to be at 8 teams than it is to be at 10.

Putting down someone calling them "old man"? Classy buddy, get a friggin life, we don't need your sort on this site as you obviously don't respect elders. Sad. :thdn:

You would prefer him referenced as The Slumlord?

"Respect your elders" is a cute little catchphrase - - unfortunately you haven't yet figured out that respect is something that's earned.

The Old Slumlord did nothing but run the Argos into the ground and stuff as much money from the franchise as he could into his pockets.

Well call him what you want but why do you use the term "old" in a derogatory sense as you are doing? When does "old" start to happen? If he was 25 would you call him the "young man" Braley? No. :roll:

Doesn't aspire confidence.

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Dennis Skulsky - "I aspire to own it (#BCLions) but my banker & bank account doesn't reflect that." #CFL via @TSN1040

Though bank account not 'reflecting that' could be in reference to a sale at Braley's price-point

It appears that Skulsky will likely be part of an ownership group rather than a sole proprietorship...

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.@glensuitor thinks it's a real possibility of Dennis Skulsky being involved in a future #BCLions ownership group. #CFL via @HomeOfTheFans

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Hunch is that Dennis Skulsky would have the ability to put together a very good ownership group for the #BCLions. #CFL

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Skulsky: "Who knows what the future may bring? You just never say never (about owning the #BCLions)." #CFL via @TSN1040[/b]

There were a couple more

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.@GlenSuitor - "David Braley was one of the best owners in #CFL history if not the best & was a saviour of the league." via @HomeOfTheFans

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.@GlenSuitor - "Without David Braley, there probably is no league. That's not being overly dramatic." #CFL via @HomeOfTheFans

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5 potential owners R local.
#BCLions could be sold after '16 Grey Cup. Braley won't talk about sale during season. #CFL via @NEWS1130Sports