Dennis Polian

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Vikings soon hire Dennis Polian of the Canadian Football League Hamilton Tiger-Cats, where he is assistant general manager and player personnel coordinator, to work in their front office in salary cap management. Polian's father, Bill, is president of the Indianapolis Colts. Dennis' brother Chris Polian is the Colts' vice president of football operations.

To bad was a good link to Colts and NFL, but good luck to him.

On the bright side its a direct connection to another NFL team.

This could just be a Rumor
Till hear it from The Ticats it will be Remain that way
He was just Promoted to ast GM

8) It's not just a rumour, it is happening !!!! Polian is leaving !!!

Have Ticats announced it when they do I believe it

I've seen this quite a few times, including the Minnesota article, the Spec and Drew Edwards blog. I'm afraid it's probably true.

Ken Welch Said it was True today .. To bad I Like Dennis..

Bring Duane Forde in.

so lets many directors of player personnel have we gone through?

any ideas about replacement parts ??? The wheels on this bus are not going round and round... :twisted:

agreed! maybe Chris Shultz! it would be amazing having him with the Cats in any capacity.

I love how people like to find the negative. How about the fact that the NFL covets one of the Cats executives? Since the Cats were able to find Polian, I am sure they will be able to find a suitable replacement.

with respect my dear friend... I dont buy tickets to NFL Games so how that over rated over paid bunch feel about anything.... or anyone irrelevant.. their feelings about our "former" director of player personnel dont find us a D Line, linebackers and receivers...the question remains--- and it is relevant one.. as the actual selection season starts in earnest .. who is our director of playing personnel going to me :?

Mike McCarthy

8) Why would you now believe what Ken Welch says ?????
   You stated earlier that you wouldn't believe this rumour until the TiCats made the official announcement regarding Polians departure   !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Good choice, so would Tom Higgins.

IMO, it doesn't make sense to train Americans in management
who haven't built up a connection to the CFL by being around it

for years, especially not one's with strong family ties to the NFL.

Retired CFL players, Canadian or American, would be better choices.

Obie wanted Duane Forde but Duane didn't want to
completely give up his high school teaching career.


Your Tom Higgins suggestion is excellent, HfxTC.

He would be much further along the learning curve, too.

I wish I could say I care about this, but I really don't. :lol:

Good luck to him and hopefully we can bring in someone who can do a decent job.

Smokey why don't you give it more than a day for them to find a replacement.

Ron you do realize that Dennis grew up in Canada when his Bill worked for the CFL right? P.S. Bill also won two Grey Cups. So, I would think that would qualify as growing up around the CFL.

Partial agreement Whoknows… but I would never presume that Rome can be built in a day… Im just wondering aloud what my jury of peers might consider to be a suitable contractor for the job.

Duane Forde sounds about right in the political / economic climate we find ourselves in

certainly not anyone with the initials GM :wink: