Dennis McPhee signed by Waterloo Warriors

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Good choice in my opinion... :slight_smile:

A good move for himself and for the University :thup:

I wouldn't be surprised to see him back in the CFL though after a few years. :wink:

I just clicked on a link to read an article about one of our current coaches (soon to be ex in a couple days) based on comments by another one of our ex coaches with no facts whatsoever and no comments from the principles a supposed reputable newspaper.

You go Dennis !!!!!

The fact that Marshall and McPhee talked about the move seems pretty factual to me Mycko. Time to let all the hate go.

Way to go Dennis!

I am happy you got a head coach in university again.

I am sure you will develop a successful program
down the road in Waterloo like you did out East.

This time you won't be separated from your wife and kids
like you were when you were a Head Coach out East.

All the best!!

Ummm…I dont have any hate.

And where did McPhee talk about it? In the end, this article is not factual. Its one man saying he knows something…

“McPhee, a Hamilton native who is under contract to the Ticats as defensive line coach until next week, couldn’t be reached for comment yesterday.”

Good for McPhee
He is a great guy :thup: