Dennis McPhee .... No longer a 'Cats coach

Longtime defensive line coach, Dennis McPhee is no longer listed as being on the Tiger-Cats’ coaching staff.

He will/should be sadly missed.

We appreciate the info, but…could you change the title? I thought Deke had passed away when I read it…

It seems that the McPhee Family has been part of the Hamilton football scene since the 1960s with “Johnny Red” at Cathedral, along with his brother . Dennis has continued the family tradition of excellence in coaching .

Good luck in your next assignment, Deke.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

So the co ordinator of the worst defense the ticats played against last year comes in to town and fires a ticat fixture who coach Sal repeatedly called the best d line coach in the league.the d better be great this year or this guy is getting roasted

Oh my yes....

My bad … Sorry all !
(title now changed)

Interesting… Marshall Ferguson speculating on radio a couple of minutes ago that McPhee might end up in Halifax- due to coaching background in Maritimes and connection with Tillman.

I don’t think a dead guy can coach…unless he is the PASSING coach 8)

I guess the situation out east is much closer to reality than I realized.

I’m not sure what a D-line coach could hope to do for a year or two (at least) before a team is in place. As GM, Tillman could manage the draft, neg list, scouting staff, etc.

I would not be surprised to see McPhee end up at Mac on Coach Ptaszek’s staff.

Sadly, I see that that John McPhee has passed away . Rest in peace, Coach.

Pat Lynch (an old former student)

??? I thought we were discussing Denis Mcphee

Well Teddy, I don't know which part of my comments you didn't understand. The McPhee Family has just lost an important member . The McPhee coaching tree in Hamilton has lost an important member .

Pat Lynch (Rest in Peace, Coach McPhee)

Got it. Sorry.