Dennis lands in BC

I completely understand that "better is better" but by releasing a defensive back when this weeks opponent is in need of that position gives the leos a competitive advantage. I really hope that any inside info that dennis has doesn't hurt us in the game. Probably should have left him on the roster until thursday. Also i'm not 100% convinced that thomas is better because he missed the tackle on the big fred stamps touchdown against edmonton and has been beat routinely. i guess we will find out.

Heres the link for the signing

I'm happy for Jerome. Good for him. I don't know if it's fair to judge Thomas based on being burned by Stamps. That guy has our number and always has. More of our DBs have seen the back of his jersey than I'd care to remember. I hate that guy lol. I'm not overly concerned about his "inside" information.

I fear that Obie may have dropped the ball on this one, not only in the player that he picked but the timing as well.

Could the Lions be desparate in picking up Dennis for the information and then, maybe dropping him in a couple of weeks so as to not make this move appear too suspcious.

The Lions signed Dennis because their secondary is depleted, not because he may be able to give them some inside information.

He could hand over his entire Defensive Playbook to Jacques Chapdelaine for all I care, they still won't know what plays are actually being called.

:roll: Were going to BC and hope to win by inches with jet lag a game we have always had trouble with , bad timing.

When Dave Braley, I mean the CFL, :smiley: makes up the schedule they always make sure the Argos play an afternoon game in BC.

We have won our last two games in B.C.

Too bad we don't have Cobb anymore. :wink: :lol:

I think I could rush for 100 yards against a defense ran by Mike Benevides.