Dennis Griffin

Dennis Griffin, former Hamilton Hurricanes head coach, High School Principal and TiCat guest coach passed away this morning. Our thought to his wife Bonnie and family

I had him as my Phys Ed teacher and Junior coach. Loved his hard ass ways.

I remember playing rugby on crappy Glendale field in Nov as a “skin?.

I also remember vividly him getting us up before a game by telling us the other team was calling us “pumpkin heads? because of our orange helmets.He knew how to get us going.

May he Rest In Peace?

Sad day , he was instrumental with players like Rob Hitchcock , Trevor Shaw , Larry Jusdanis . I also was a Glendale bear Graduated 86 will always remember this great football coach ,teacher and human being

Sad day, R.I.P Mr. Griffin. I remember his being my gym coach and him chasing some of us down who would linger in the halls before class when he was VP. Great man.

Nobody did more for amateur football in Hamilton. Period.

Kids, high school, Hurricanes, Patriots…

He’s the kind of guy you name a stadium or school after.

think I played junior for him in his 1st year of coaching…go to know him over the years…great coach, great teacher, great man

Here’s a link to his obit.

Here here , as per Bubba on CH Sports last night gave a fitting Tribute .