Hey everyone!! Join the Dennis Gile Fan Club now!! Email me at or add me to msn and lets get this goin!! I look forward to hearing form you real soon!! Its about time to recognize and appreciate the FRANCHISE of the CFL!! Talk to you soon fans!!

OMG!!! Talent!!! ITs about time we recognized the CFL’s #1 player.Man everyone should join the Dennis Gile Fan club!!! Omg I can’t believe nobody created this fan club earlier!!!
My Advice to everyone, E-mail RiderPrider right away and join.

I hope you are just kidding. I realize that we, as Rider fans, have been known for loving the backup quarterback, but to pay this type of homage to our third stringer seems a bit odd. Maybe he will move up the depth chart in the future. Maybe I don’t know the greatness he possess. Maybe I don’t get this inside joke. But if I am understanding this right, this is baked.

NO WAY!!! Its all about SPERGON WYNN!!! That guy is the best QB in the league

why dont you just start the bart hendricks fan club, you can review all his interceptions, and spend hours trying to figure out what the hell he is doing.

hey hey come on guys…for a 4th srtinger who knows all he does is hold the FG attempts this guy has the most enthusiasm in the whole league!! not to mention that he caught up to Armstead in Ottawa (one of the fastest guys in the CFL). He shows passion for the game and doesnt care about all the money like Smilin Bank does, so he gets mad props and major respect for that! This man loves the team and the game, and I think it’s time that we appreciate it!! So email me about joining up guys!!

ive actually never heard of this guy

Me either, I had to go search the CFL rosters to see if this guy was an actual player. Can’t blame RP if his heart is in it. Hey man, Be all that you can be, right, even if it is to be the very best holder for FGs the game has ever seen.

well who wouldnt be happy…if i was playin in the CFL, I’d be goin nuts, stealin team merchandise, gettin teammates autographs…all these players take it for granted

Seriously though, he does have the most enthusiasm in the CFL. He obvioiusly has an outstanding talent for holding the ball for FG, why else would the Riders keep him off the field, maybe their waiting for the right moment. Well when that moment comes we’ll see who hasn’t heard of Dennis Gile.So I say get in early and e-mail and sign up!!!
I do have to agree with yall though on the part about goin nuts if I was on a team, I would also go around gettin everyones autographs and taking shit to!!!

you’re his Mom aren’t you…c’mon, fess up

i actually thought he/she was riderprider, the way he/she was supporting the fan club like that

i will tell u guys know that that is not my mom, that is a TALENTED person who has joined the Dennis Gile Fan Club!! and u can be next!! come on guys, u know u want to!!