Dennis "Deke" McPhee.....Head Coach material?

Clearly, the focus will soon be who we will be hiring as a full time coach to take this franchise into the future.....does he come from within or from the outside?

My choice without hesitation would be our very own Dennis McPhee.

He knows this town, knows this team and has the right mix of "old school" thinking and "new school" thinking..

He also has the respect of players and fans alike as far as I can tell....

I say he's worthy of a shot.....


No way, Charlie Taaffe, and he canget rid of every coach on this staff and bring his own trusted guys.

Rich Stubler as HC and Deke as DC would be an excellent tandem IMHO.

Stubs has more experience and has a strong Hamilton connection.
Deke is worthy of consideration, but I feel it would be ideal for him to be promoted to a defensive coordinator role. Deke worked for years with Sudsy and would be a definite upgrade at DC.

Regardless, having a presence in the room that knows what Ticat football is all about is important. I look forward to the coming offseason. Upgrading the football operations side of the club in conjunction with developing the core of players we have will yield positive results.

A new coach will pick his guys, fur sure.

Oski Wee Wee,

McPhee is likely the only Ticat coach on staff that would have an outside chance at getting a job anywhere else in the CFL, and only as a d-line coach. The rest of the bunch would be unemployable, which helps explain the on field results.

Exactly what he said.

:roll: For bleep's sake let the guy be a DC for awhile before you promote him to head coach.

Isnt promoting guys way above their heads one of the reasons we’re in the mess we’re in now?

Interesting suggestion. I know that when Dennis McPhee took over the head coaching job at St. Fracis Xavier (CIS Atlantic) that he immediately made them better. But, as we all know coaching in the CIS is much different than in the pros.

But he's a nice guy, and yells at people. He must be head coaching material.

Lets look at how his unit is doing... the front 7. LOL. Enough said.

Arent we through taking a chance on people?

Our next head coach better have HEAD COACHING experience in pro football or i wont be happy.

On that point we agree...but may I "INSIST" Please that we insert "Successful" in front of the "HEAD COACHING" experience?

Hiring McPhee as head coach would be just as bad as hiring Marashall. Like Woody and Crash said, we need someone with head coaching experience, or at LEAST OC or DC experience in the CFL, but preferably Head Coaching experience.

Poapoa will prolly get the head coaching job next all of our displeasure of course...but i just think that if we hire someone from outside then he will want to get rid of the whole coaching staff and hire his own guys...and our caretaker will not want to see that happen....just my thought

Theres NO WAY Paopao ends up our Head Coach next year.

And Woody, I didnt say successful because i refuse to get my hopes up.

8) There is no way that Paopao will get the head coaching position here next year !! Management knows that would be the worst option for this franchise !! As far as Bob goes, I am sure he is as frustrated and ticked off as all the fans are at this time, and the least of his concerns at this point would be firing all the present coaches !! We need a complete house cleaning here !!!