Denial...It's sad to see

[b]I was just checkin out the latest poll, on this fabulous new CFL site. The question is ... After adding Ricky Ray the Eskimos will finish the regular season in :

Of course anyone with even half a clue, would vote no lower than 2nd place. I myself, voted for 1st place (this choice leads the way with 38.37%). At the time I am writing this, there is amazingly 8.88% (50) of respondants who feel the Mighty Eskimos will finish in 5th place. Are these people on crack ¿?¿

Even my shine swilling buddy...Turkeybend, wouldn't cast such a ridiculous ballot. I'll just assume it is jealousy making these poor deranged souls fight back the only way they can. If your fantasies, help you to make it through another day. That's great. You may want to try just a little dose of reality though.[/b]


Boss, de plane, de plane


P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.

I really think it's funny that you think because you have 1 player on your team now, not even that great of a player, you think you pretty much have the Grey Cup sitting on your lap. Ricky Ray won't be your saviour, he'll be your demise, Jason Maas is your better bet, Ricky Ray will be rusty just like Burris was at the beginning of last season.

…those 8.88% percent of sane and lucid respondents are all from Calgary bro, those in the know that say just 'cause you add one player who wasn’t even good enough to hold a clipboard in the mighty NFL means he ain’t taking you to the promised land again…especially with a coaching staff of Moe , Larry and Curly…Imsayin, you of all people getting bent outta shape over a poll!, my word, and I thought you had a thick hide to go with all that fancy language and typeset…

Bitter, jealous, it any surprise that those low votes were mainly by fans of the loser teams? You know what fans I'm talking about.

Ladies and gentleman, Exhibit A.

BTW, those Chumps fans sure shut up quick today about the Esks being on their sad level. :smiley:

The Esks were stacked before Ray joined the squad. He just sealed the deal. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see another Grey Cup in the future of the Mighty Eskimos.

Hey Rider/Bomber fans, you guys need a starter, want Kanhardly Jones?

ROFL!! It's all over but the cryin.

........the hatred factor just jumped to 9.30%.......

[b]Jeremy, and R&W :

I'll put you guys down as people that picked the Esks for 5th place. Because you have just shown us that you can't count. I'll help you out.

Ricky Ray is one player.
Joe Montford is one player.
Davis Sanchez is one player.
Kelly Wiltshire is one player.
Khari Jones is one player.
William Loftus is one player.
Bruce Beaton is one player.
Tim Fleiszer is one player.
Sandy Annunziata is one player.
Mike Maurer is one player.
Jason Lamar is one player.
Tim Blackwell is one player.
Keyuo Craver is one player.
Tay Cody is one player.
Antico Dalton is one player.
Cedric Scott is one player.
Devin Lewis is one player.
Chris Kelley is one player.
Jacoby Shepherd is one player
Marcus Winn is one player.
Ja'Waren Blair is one player.
Charles Alston is one player.
Michael Thompson is one player.
Mark Shantz is one player.
Taylor Inglis is one player.
Corey Trudeau is one player.
Martin Gagnon is one player.

Now if you Bozos get together, and if one of you removes his rubber boots, and socks. You will be able to count all the way up to 27. You'll even have 3 little piggies left over.

Yeah I know...Double digit numbers are a scary proposition. Well I guess you could always go back to school and actually complete those 3rd grade educations. Then you'll be able to count as high as that staggering number of 27, with alot less trouble
( Lookie here Ma. I got me a grade three edgumacashun !!! ).[/b]

P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.

....I voted twice and will continue to do so every for who is a bozo, I can't make sense of your post, so you count out the latest signees on the current EE roster........big deal........any team in the league (save for maybe winnipeg) could do the same........ooooooooooooo I'm shakin in my rubber boots and eskimoses are so amateurish in your taunts, it's really beneath yourself......... I thought you of all the EE fans had hope.........supertoe is now EE fan number one on my list of respect...........i'mthinkin your down a few notches.........

Of course you will continue to do so - a perfect example the inferiority complex of the average Calgary sports fan. Silly Calgarians, always trying to bring down #1! :slight_smile:

u still have to beat the Lios, and to be fair the signing of Jones is pretty usesless after you signed Ray... only one QB can be on the field at once... and Ray has several recievers hes is gonna have to get used to all over again before the season, and i agree that he will be rusty... i expect the Edmonton O to come out to a slow start and pick it up as the season progresses.. but BC will still be first

Okay, I've got my hip waders on to tackle this post.....

I've always picked Edmonton in all the other opinion posts to be in second. I came to this conclusion a different way. I thought the Edkies defensive secondary were their weak point. They fixed that with Sanchez. I thought their Offensive line was satisfactory. They upgraded with Beaton comming out of retirement. Running backs are a dime a dozen, you just have to find the right one from The US colleges. I beleive they will probably fill that spot. ( Pringle is hard to replace.) The addition of Ricky Ray to the great recivers they have will give the Eskimos that extra little bit to push The BC Lions all year long. I expect both Edmonton BC Games to be high scoring (100+ Points between them) and exciting and down to the wire!

I maintain my pick of BC and Edmonton fighting for first (nod to BC) With Calgary, Sask and sorry, but Winnipeg bringing up the rear.

It will be Edmonton and BC in the Western Final.

I put them in 3rd place behind.... B.C. and SASK.

It is not hatered........anything can happen in football with injuries, no will to win......ect.........

RAY, is older now. He will also be rusty. The CFL ain't that easy to play in......the usually close any way.

.......inferiority complex?......yeah. o.k, sure.....did the Oilers save enough money this last non-season to include Duct Tape in their operating budget? many cases of beer did it take for management to dream up "The Cracker-Cats"?........please mommy please can we have an NLL team too? cousin Calgary has one, pluuuueeeezzzze...........yeah there are so many areas where the sports fan here feels just soooo inferior to you guys up north........oh yeah, and the football side of things isn't one of them either..........

It's really sad to see that some people on these forums still haven't grown up yet, or maybe you really are just 10 years old, it's hard to say.

I know the Eskimos have a good team, I never said once that they were going to finish in fifth place, I never said they'd finish in first place either because truthfully I have no idea what place they'll finish in, neither do you, neither do the Eskimos themselves, no one knows.

Maybe if you read a few of my posts and paid attention you'd know that I obviously have more than a grade three education, and that I can pronounce the word "education". You'd find out that I am a football fan, I know what I'm talking about and I'm not just saying things like "Saskatchewan will win the Grey Cup" without providing some facts to back that up.

You on the other hand obviously don't read my posts, you probably don't understand what I'm saying because your so jaded that the Eskimos are going straight into the History books as the 2005 Grey Cup Champs you couldn't stop to think for a minute.

Ricky Ray has been in the NFL, he has thrown balls at practice only, and probably a minimal amount of balls at that. He will have to re-learn the offensive scheme of Edmonton under a new coach, he will need to be refreshed on how to play the CFL game. I'm not saying he'll be rusty because I don't like him, I'm saying he'll be rusty because....he'll be rusty.

Will he get better? Well, I'd put money on it saying he does get better near the end of the year. I have a strong feeling that the Eks will start Ricky Ray right out of the gates and he'll lose you your first two or three games just from inexperience and bad decision making. You'd be better off to start Maas and keep Ray on the sidelines for a few extra weeks.

That's my take on it.

I may as well wade in here and throw in my two cents. For the record pretty much all of us hate the name "Cracker Cats" (even after I got the explanation). If there is a sports fan in Edmonton that likes it, I have yet to find him/her although I will say this. The name is designed to refer to the oil patch. I'm not sure where "Vipers" came from. Is that referring to the car or perhaps the moral quality of some Calgarians. Seriously though you do have a better name for your ball team and ya there is that guy Kiprusoff down there that did great things for the Flames back when the old National League of Hockey was running. Anybody remember that league? I still remember when a guy they called "Badger Bob" spent like 5 seasons building a team specifically designed to knock off the Oilers.

If you are a sports fan you are lucky to be in a province with such a great rivalry. Sometimes I think posters forget that the two teams push each other. If the Oilers hadn't been blessed with such a great run, then the Flames probably not been as driven to succeed and they did succeed, eventually.

Oops, sorry I got carried away there with that hockey nonsense. This is a FOOTBALL forum, right? There are some days I would'nt know that when I read what some posters define as smack. Like where did this inferiority thing come from? Want to name names, how about Kay Stephenson and Pete Kettela and David Archer and Kerwin Bell. The Eskimos have had their share of busts and bad teams.

I understand the urge to throw the smack back at some of the uninformed posters on here. I am still shaking my head about the "one player thing". Jeremy did you just find out about this league this year or something? I suppose then we pulled a 9-9 season out of our ass with an injured QB and an ancient RB and a suspect defense last season. Couldn't have been because we had any players on our team eh. Or maybe we sent our one player to the Al's a few weeks ago. Seemed to me they were pretty happy to get him and most posters on here conceded that he was a good addition for them.

And one more thing, someone said Ray was old? M'gawd I wonder if Hugh Campbell knewe he was 25 when he broke open the bank. Guess that makes Calvillo and Allen and Dickenson and McManus pretty much dead. I wonder how old Burris is? I'm sure one of the Stamps fans can tell me cause I damn sure can't find it on this site.

Imsayin your devotion and loyalty to your team are commendable, but you do know that from the list you provided only about 75% of those guys will be here to start the season. Can you tell me what the import ratio is on a game day roster without peeking. Ok just havin some fun with ya cause you are from the right city, but seriously why not put a little more thought into what you are posting instead of just TRYIN to talk smack. it just reflects badly on all of us.

If our team truly is the flagship franchise of the CFL and I believe it is, shouldn't we try to carry that on as fans. We have the rep of being hard-nosed knowledgable football fans who expect this team to win. Talk your smack if you must, but put some time and thought behind it man. You are a good poster and i look forward to hearing more from you.


I’ve had season tickets for the Riders for 12 years now. I’ve been watching CFL football since I was in diapers, I know the game, or I like to think I know the game.

I wasn’t sure who you were talking to about the “smack talk” debate and such, but if it was about me I may talk smack for a sentence or two, but it is also a lot of football talk in there too.

…supertoe and Jeremy are probably the two most intelligent posters on this site…good args from both of you…

I was taking my own fans to task a little bit Jeremy......only reference to you was about us having 1 player now.

Of course you do.

I assure you, the fact that Edmonton was chosen for an NLL franchise had absolutely nothing to do with the Roughies or whatever they're called. If you think otherwise, then you agree that the Flamers were moved after a sad display of "Wahhh! Edmonton has professional hockey and we don't!".

As for the inferiority complex Calgarians suffer, I've seen it countless times. In real life, on the net; it's hard to fathom why Calgarians take the Battle of Alberta alot more seriously than Edmonton fans do. Personally, I believe Edmonton sports fans to be spoiled and expectations are high.

The typical Cowtown sports fan will usually shrug off the many, many championships that Edmonton has accumulated, secretly wishing they were us.

Edmonton has always pulled Calgary's trousers down and made merry before the eager yet shrivelled nature of Cowtown's sporting and cultural private parts.

.......? should be posting in the dellusional category 'cause that is where you head is.........there is pretty much nothing that any Calgarian is jealous about north of Red Deer..........