Denial ? Dumbness ?

I just went to the Renegades' website... I wanted to see how they position themselves in the circus they created.

Not a word on the team's current situation. :shock:

They act as if nothing was worrying. Not a word on the difficulties faced by the team, on how current season tickets holders should not be worried, on the actions taken to ensure football stays in the capital, on anything that makes the league talk right now.

Are they living in denial? Nobody thinks everything is going alright. Not addressing the issues won't make them go.

Take a look at this excerpt from their front page news (dated from today) in which Jenkins gets a diarrhea of compliments and praise.

«...This powerful scouting machine, operating on all cylinders is now set to drive the efforts of the Ottawa Renegades and create a new energy within training camp with unbridled competition at every area within the team. It will be a new and exciting chapter in the history of the Ottawa Football and perhaps the finest opportunity to compete for Canadian footballs greatest prize; the CFL Grey Cup just as the new management celebrates this Ottawa achievement thirty years ago this season...»

[Major :shock: ]

Perhaps win the Grey Cup? C'mon ! Start by addressing the "Perhaps play the 2006 season" first.

People hate to be taken for fools. So acting as if everything was fine seems like a good way to maintain this total lack of credibility.

Hey Third, have you ever heard of a company whose stock is falling or who is having problems like GM right now saying on their website "We don't know if we are going to be making any cars 6 months from now so don't buy a car from us." I haven't.

Duh !

Of course you don't go out and say "We're in big financial trouble right now so buying from us might be hazardous". But you don't act either like the sun shines on your business when everyone knows it ain't the case.

The Renegades could say something like "In light of the current situation, the organization's management is working in cooperation with the league to ensure the transition to new ownership in Ottawa goes smoothly. In the meantime, we remain dedicated to fielding a competitive team through this and that... blahblahblah.."

You've got to say something to show you assessed the situation, understand what it implies for the fans, and work on not letting anyone down.

That's public relations... obviously something lacking at the Glieberman's.

The sad thing is Forrest Gregg and numb nuts Jenkins are have mini camps and charging for them. Thats right they are charging some poor guys money to try out.

Really? You have to pay to showcase your skills? Do other teams do that too?

Man you guys know absolutely nothing about the CFL do you??? All teams pay for try outs....

How many try outs have the Gades had in the US alone over the winter??? 16, with another 16 scheduled. And other teams???? I can only speculate, but I know Saskatchewan hasn't had any......

Actually they are having them right now as we speak. Jackass. Quit trying to shovel some crap over our way just because your team is in dire straights.

Sorry you are wrong my friend. It was brought up on an early morning sports show that no other CFL team charges for try outs. Forrest needs coffee money. And if it you were right then it would be a rip off to pay for a try out for a team on the brink. Sorta like putting a deposit on a computer being sold out of the trunk of a car. Right he said he would be here todaY! Ha ha ha

Wow, way to go to name calling... must make you feel big.

I was under the impression all teams charge a fee at their walk-on tryouts. I remember the Ticats used to, if they don't any more.

Keeps guys like me from wasting their time. :smiley:

Why would we know "nothing about the CFL" because we ask a question, you condescending bureaucrat? You should go back to making excuses as to why you won't buy tickets to support your team. You're better at that.

Look who is calling the kettle black

Hey, guys. Just for information. It is standard fare to have players pay a fee to attend a free agent camp. This fee is usually around $50 to $100 dollars. The fees go to help pay for some of the camp expenses such as field rental, advertising etc. If you go to the Rider's site for example they have a link to their camps and the notices there definitely state a fee although in the Riders case it is not paid to them but to the American agent who is arranging the camps.

Thanks for the precisions narles.

Good call, Ro.