Demond Washington re-ups with Ticats

From 3 down nation...

Are you sure? who from the Ticats would be capable of signing the deal if they're sitting on their hands?


Isn't it the other Washington (that would be Tony) that we want to re-sign?

Hey Ti-Cats, wake up.

I'll take that as a "Yes". Thanks.

I look forward to the comments of Onemoredork and Crash . We can all use a lot more clever wit in our lives . "Negative Nellies (Nelsons)" are a dime a dozen and often not very insightful .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

June Jones said on TSN 1150 yesterday that they are making that a priority. I agree. Let's not screw with our O-line for half a season before it gets decent.

It's official now