Demolition/Construction Thread

I doubt there'll be a webcam at IWS during demo and rebuilding. So, if anyone who ventures down to the site wants to post update photos/comments/info, here's the place! Have at it!

Great idea. now living in cambrdige it will be good to see the progress.

Ill be going down a few times to record and take pictures for sure!

No need to begin another thread. We have the Stadium thread with almost 12,000 posts!!! post the pic there

No. I think this warrants a new thread; as it's not about debate and planning... or site and design. Those topics are covered ad infinitum in the other thread.

So, folks, please update us with pics and info. Not all of us can get to the IWS2 site often. I'll be visiting a few times ... and updating this thread... for sure.

No chance im reading through the stadium thread but ill def look in here every now n then.

I totally agree, almost 800 pages and 400 of its saying the same thing over and over again! About time a New thread was started! Two different topics all together, one is about the NEW stadium, this is about the Demo of the old one! :rockin:

I hate that friggin' thread. Everything about the stadium gets lumped into their and gets buried in no time. Anyways most of the posts are by Earl and Kirk reiterating the same old stuff. Time to start fresh where we can read about individual topics relating to the stadium.

I quite agree! :thup:

How about a Demo Party in Scott Park? Could even raise a dollar or two for charity CFLFans fight cancer or something. Just an idea?

well after last night we dont need a feild to practise on or stands for fans to sit in or a locker room or a place for cortez to store the sharpies he losses up his nose so why cant we start taring dow the old girl now from sites ive seen in background of vids today everything seems to be still there. 2012 is done no better time to build the future by starting with the tear down of the stadium lets get on it

I say do it quick .... some well placed explosives and
blow it away

It will be a large excavating machine, like this one that took down Frank Clair in Ottawa. It was far cheaper to do it this way and they get to re-cycle the material.

[url=] ... ition.html[/url]

The fact you felt the need to correct that was funny then all of a sudden you pull out a just like ottawa reponse....maybe they will let us borrow it huh...

I like my idea better can be a big event can be a "come out and catch your own piece of Ivor Wynne day"

I really like he idea of keeping this as a stand-alone thread.
Long history...starting with looking at Civic Stadium fron the windows of Prince of Wales School, standing on Bike seats to look over the fence, season tickets at the top of South stand, years of TV watching since leaving Hamilton....
Continuing this thread, hopefully with pictures, would be greatly appreciated, and also some historical importance.

Cortez mentioned in his last interview that the signs are being taken down already.

Scroll down a bit.

The beginning of the dismantalling was shown on CHCH last night. So obviously no Michell Bowl at Ivor Wynne this year... :cry:

No info from the site yet?

I realize that they can't start with the absolute tear-down until after the locker room sale.... but!

Let it be said, for the record, if games have to be cancelled/relocated at the start of the 2014 season, look no further than this. The shovels should've been in the ground the moment the Cats (and Ivor Wynne) were eliminated from the possibility of hosting another game this year !!!

Are we looking at another Investor's Group Field scenario/fiasco? I hope not. Because we have no fall back plan like the Bombers did... vis-a-vis... an existing stadium to return to play in if things don't work out with the new joint.

Ivor Wynne Stadium should look like a construction site by now.

It has always been scheduled for the 1st of December

Yeah because contracting companies will stand around and wait for an unscheduled start date of a project just so fans won't be inconvenienced. Or, maybe you expect the Cats to pay the contractor for weeks of no work just to stand around at the ready in case an earlier start date can be realized? I'm sure if the contractor can find the schedule space they will get to work early. Just don't expect the big wrecking ball to be there anytime sooner than the originally scheduled start date.