Démission de Jeffrey Orridge

La charge du commissaire va prendre fin le 30 juin prochain.

Orridge n'était pas parfait, mais il y a des choses qui ont progressé sous sa gouverne. Je me demande qui la ligue va dénicher pour le remplacer et comment l'intérim sera assuré.

Rick Moffatt cabale pour que Herb soit son successeur! :roll: :? :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

He did absolutely nothing the grow the league. Cohon handed him a league that was on the upswing and Orridge moved the league back years. Kind of interesting that this happens days after the debacle in Edmonton and just prior to release of SMS audit.

Good riddance.

Best name I can think of as a successor is Keith Pelley, current CEO of PGA European tour.

He knows the CFL landscape having been a former President of the Argos and head of both TSN and Rogers.

He'll never take that job. Nobody wants this job. You have no budget, no power and have to deal with a bunch of Geriatrics who can't get along on anything except of how much of the pie they can steal from their fellow residents.

Struggled to get last year's GC game sold. In a small venue to boot.
Writing was on the wall.