Demise of Blue Jays Good News For Argos

With the Blue Jays going into the tank, that can only be good news for the ARgos.

Because baseball is a tough sell at the best of times in Hogtown, but nobody will pay to watch a losing baseball team. Meaning the Argos will have the whole city to themselves.

Even better, with the Jays out of the picture, it will force the media to pay more attention to the ARgos. LIke the Expos folding did for the Als.

Because when it comes to baseball, Toronto really has no interest in the sport itself. Just the Blue Jays. If they are dead, the baseball season will be over. Just like the NBA season ended when the Raptors got booted.

I'm sure some in the media will try to resist increased CFL coverage, but they won't have a choice. Especially with the Grey Cup hoopla building.

Looks like the revival of the Argos and CFL in Hogtown to the way it used to be is almost complete.

Sounds good, but I think the media in Toronto will at the Leafs doorstep all summer long- will Sundin stay? Especially if the Leafs sign any big name FA's. Lets hope that at least some of the journalists write positive stuff about the Argos and the CFL.

It made no difference at all.

I also have to say that hoping for the demise of one team because you hope it will be better for another is rather selfish!

I also have to say that hoping for the demise of one team because you hope it will be better for another is rather selfish!

Well said ro! Berezin, I used to think like you and still do a bit from time to time but not much any more. Hey, I'm not a Jays fan and don't go to the games, I find baseball generally boring and CFL games so much more fun to go to and 10 or so CFL games is enough for me in the summer/fall for games to go to. But let's not wish bad on the Jays, not good. Maybe more co-marketing between the Jays and Argos would be good ie. a ticket for either gets you a ticket for either sort of thing. And if they did this sort of thing, I might actually turn into more of a baseball fan perhaps.

well then im 2x selfish, cuz i want the jays AND the raptors gone!

dg, yes, the Jays do present competition for the sports dollar in Toronto when the Argos play, no question. But the Argos are doing not so bad with some 14,000 season tickets as quoted in the Star the other day. Not bad. Not like days before the Jays were around of course. But then the Argos had some bad owners for a while in the 90's. They are building the fan base and while it might not get much higher than what it is now, it is ok at least. The Jays are competition. And yes, it would be best if they are gone for the Argos. But I will not wish bad on them, a karma thing. Wish the best on everyone unless they are evil and the Jays aren't evil. Someone involved with them might be evil :wink: but the Jays as a team and organization aren't.

Well, here in Montreal, having no Expos has not done much for the Als.

The Habs never even made the playoffs and they are still the topic of the town along with the NHL playoffs. Mind you, there are many hockey fans in this city who are not Habs supporters so I guess that is understandable (lots of support for Ottawa here).

Regardless, when the sports stations mention football these days, it's all about the NFL. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the NFL too. It's just unfortunate that a great game played in our own backyard is all but ignored by the media (save for one Gazette reporter who seems to make allienating himself from certain members of the Als' organization his main goal).

Oh well, unless an unfortunate rumor starts to circulate that the Als have a problem with french speaking players or something of that nature, they are destined to never be anything but a third page column story in Montreal no matter what else is going on. And that my friends is truly sad.

The reason I don't give an RA about the Blue Jays or Raptors is because I am sick of the cheerleading of these teams and sports by the media, while in turn all they do is run down our own popular sports.

I mean if its not hockey is boring, its change the bloody rules. Or like the CHL totally ignore it. The CFL is always ridiculed regardless of what it does.

Meanwhile the many warts on baseball and basketball are covered up for some reason. The Taranna media tries to tell us all of Canada loves their teams. Which is just so much baloney.

Plus the demise of the Blue jays will give the CFL the spotlight it deserves. Not playing second fiddle to a baseball team like it does most nights. If the Blue Jays disappeared, like the Expos, who would really care? Nobody.

Oh well, unless an unfortunate rumor starts to circulate that the Als have a problem with french speaking players or something of that nature, they are destined to never be anything but a third page column story in Montreal no matter what else is going on. And that my friends is truly sad.

Interesting with the media trying to keep their own Als down as such and pumping up the NFL to look "cool" or whatever, Montreal had what some 60,000 for the Grey Cup last time without the Als and the Als sell-out all the time. Yes, just a 20,000 but nevertheless and adding to it.

Sometimes I think we make way too much of the media and what they do rather than actually looking at numbers of people watching on TV and in the stands. Let's face it, it just isn't going to be that "cool" to talk CFL in public a lot in so called "big time" cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, maybe other cities also, but there is some excellent fan base for the CFL teams in these cities nonetheless. Don't let the media make you think otherwise, they have other agendas on their plate.

The Argos play once a week while the Jays play 6 times a week. What exactly is it you want for the other 5 night? Do you want to see the same highlights over and over again until the next game?

As for who would care if the Jays left?

How about the 27,000 fans who have been to games this year?
How about the hundreds of people who would lose their jobs?

One thing I could never understand is the mentality of...." I don't like it so you cant have it!"

You know, I'm certainly not a big Paul Godfrey fan as anyone knows, I wish he would put his energy he is putting into the NFL thing into promoting the Argos and CFL. But it is his right to do whatever he pleases to be quite honest and if he wants to say NFL, NFL, NFL, I'm an NFL guy etc. all the time, he can all he wants. His priority is himself and what he wants for his city of Toronto, he doesn't have to care about the CFL or any other city in Canada or whatever. His perogative actually despite what I or others think.

on PTS yesterday, they were speculating that Paul Godfreys job is in jeopardy....keeping fingers crossed.'re right. It's just that it would be nice to pop on the radio once and while and hear CFL topics like:

Were the Als taking the right route in the draft by favoring linemen?

How did the other teams as a whole do?

Which teams this year look strong going into camp?

Who has glaring holes to fill?

These are some of the topics I would like to hear about but do we get this kind of discussion? No, of course not because (sarcasm) I would much rather hear about Pacman Jones and his trouble with the law. (/sarcasm)

I don't need the media to enjoy the CFL but it would be nice to see such a great game as Canadian football get a little more attention.

For sure Crimson it would be nice. But we are Borg, oops, I mean CFL Nation, and we will stand together and fight to the bitter end, hoping there won't be an end of course, and stand up for what a great league we have with great players with a great Canadian tradition etc. and will continually make it known that the CFL rules. Media, schmedia, the web is becoming more important all the time compared with newspapers and we are writing our own stories now right here, some of these threads are read probably by more people out there than some of the newspaper articles are. As time goes on, newspapers will become less important and the whole concept of "page 3" vs "page 1" will disappear. With Google and other search engines, RSS feeds, etc. we create our own news environments that make sense to us.

Oh man, do I feel powerful now or what (thumping my chest like an ape man!). 8)

Oops, almost forgot dg in my euphoria what you were saying there about Paul Godfrey, interesting, maybe someone is seeing the light somewhere. If the guy is such a great marketer, why hasn't he promoted the idea of co-marketing between the Blue Jays and Argos? Heck, I'm no businessman but I think I could do this, they play out of the same stadium for christ sakes.

I am also hoping the BJ and Craptors explode together out of town.
With the way the BJ's are playing, it is of course good for the Argos. Hopefully Rogers will be smart and fire Godfrey, JP and the manager.

Godfrey is anti CFL and let him be. We as CFL fans aren't gonna change his opinion. Just like Godfrey is gonna change my Anti NFL opinion. It's personal prefernce and if people get brainwahed based on opinion to be anti CFL or Anti NFL is pathetic. I've watched both products and I enjoy the CFL better. As for the Raptors and Jays, I don't wish ill will upon them but I would love to see the Argos franchise do well as I would wish that for the entire league as a whole do well.

Wrong wrong wrong.
IF TO loses the blue jays it is NOT a good thing for the CFL.
The Jays play a big part in actually helping the Argos beleave it or not.
In my oppinion, the Jays are why the skydome is affordable to the ARgos. IF the Jays leave how much will the Rent be?

Aren't the Argos gonna have a new stadium in a couple years?

Let me continue where I left off cause I am using my freinds comp and did not get a chance to complete my last post.
Anyway the Argos from what I understand are locked in with the Skydome for another 5 years anyway at a really reasonible price.
If I am wrong please correct me on that, I learned that from you guys. Now concider what could happen if the Jays left town. Concider the fate of the skydome. Like the Big O in Montreal when the Expos left, the Skydome too could be sitting empty as it is not big enough for NFL and to big for anything else. That would leave the Argos as the skydomes only tennant.
That in my oppinion could cause problems for the Argos down the road. Costs could climb big time. As for a new stadium for the Argos, I dont think that is happening.
Once again someone could correct me if I am wrong on that one. Their is the new soccer stadium however but I do not think that the Argos have any plans on playing there any time soon.
In closing not only would it be a disaster for the Argos if the Jays left, but it would be a disaster for sports fans in Toronto and all of Canada because the Jays are also Canada's team too. Trust me on this, I was one of the thousands of fans in Winnipeg that filled Portage and Main when the Jays won the pennant.

they signed three 5-year leases...they can leave after any of the 5 year intervals are done...they are in the 3rd year of the first 5-year interval, i believe.

Rogers communications ( owners of the jays ) bought the skydome for a measly $25 million, i think it was...and they put some money into the stadium.

if the jays move, i'm assuming rogers communincations would sell the dome....

and if the argo owners could buy it at around $35M, thats a deal, since they were looking at constructing thier own stadium a few years ago which woulda cost alot more than that.