Demetrius Rhaney Starting At Centre

After today’s media scrum it’s looking like rookie American Demetrius Rhaney will be starting at centre in the season opener after overtaking the position from the longest serving Ticat Mike Filer. Filer had a setback in training camp when he was injured but he’s healthy once again. They say better is better. Thoughts?

Maybe leads to some answers for mightypopes question about who goes on the injury list, and the speculation about how many International/National receivers will be starting? Filer will be backing-up will he?

Ciraco played in the first preseason game. Filer played in the 2nd but might not be 100% healthy and still needs some time to mend.

Is this a temporary change until Filer is 100%?

If it’s a full time change, I have to say im a little shocked.

Centre to me is a position of stability, like QB. One player fills the role for years until they retire or get traded.

The list is a short one for our recent centres: Filer, Dyakowski, Hage… I’m embarrassed to say I can’t think who preceded Marwhan…Tim something? Who was centre on '99 team, again can’t remember!

Carl Coulter

Ahh right! Thanks Pope!

Tim O’ Neill played centre for a while also. Between Hage and Filer.

That must have been who I was thinking of… so id that the chronology? Coulter, Hage, Dyakiwski, Filer. 4 centres dating back to '99?

I forgot about O’Neil. But I would wager Masoli has been exclusively with Filer or close to it?

Changing centre is big deal. That QB / Centre relationship has to be one of the most important in football.

Just when I thought the O-Line was nothing to worry about…

IMO Dale Sanderson is the best Ticat C ever.

Rhaney will be tested against the Riders, who have perhaps the best pass rushers in the league.

Our O Line looks great on paper. If they protect Masoli consistently Thursday night, they are for real.

Milton says Girard is hurt. Maybe they didn’t have a bona fide NAT backup for centre, so Filer had to slip into the backup role. If there’s any truth to that, Filer’s demotion could be reversed when Girard recovers.

Rhaney was an NFL draft pick, and was in the league for 5 years. I wouldn’t worry about his abilities. And I know for a fact that he wouldn’t be in there if Coach McKnight didn’t think he could play.

When and who was the last American to start at centre…never mind a rookie?

A CFL rookie, yes, but certainly not a pro football rookie.

Gene Ceppetelli was the best centre. I could be wrong but Dyakowski was a guard and played right tackle at LSU . If he played centre, it must have been as a fill-in.

I believe the last American centres were Bob Kelley and Jim Taylor (1958 - 60).They also were linebackers. They both wore #44.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

All hogs on the O line should be Canadian! It’s a proven formula ! Get well soon Mikey Filer !

If you’re talking about league wide then you have to look no farther back than last season . The Stampeders employed two Americans as starting centres at different times last season . They started out the season using Ucambre Williams who has been their starting centre since the 2017 season . When he got injured later in the year they replaced him with another American for four games by the name of Nila Kasitati . Both players are both still currently on the Stamps roster and it looks like Williams is slated to be the starter to open the season for the 3rd year in a row with Kasitati backing him up .

  1. Dyakowski never played center, he played guard or tackle only, as a TiCat !!

While Ceppetelli was great, I would give the nod to Hamilton’s own Chet Miksza who played 14 years for the 'Cats going to 8 Grey Cup games and winning three. He was a stalwart on those early 50’s and 60’s teams.