Demetrius Bendross

Hey has anyone heard anything about whats happening with Bendross. Has he signed in AFL, or is he looking to go elsewhere?

I haven't heard a thing, but it would be good to have him back...

I've checked the AFL rosters, he's not on any of em...

Ya In a BOMBERS uniform!!!

hahaha thats funny....Do you have any other jokes?

Bendross as a Bomber, he isn't a prairie hick...who in their right mind wants to play in back water towns like Winnipeg or Regina (The city that smells like it sounds)

I would love to see Bendross back - but I am afraid that they won't bring him back because they feel Armstead is basically the same player (returns). Too bad if he doesn't he was an exciting player

I would love to see Ottawa go after Albert Connell formly of Calgary - he has size & talent - he would be a good it here.

Well ottawapete I do agree with your Regina comment, it sure does stink!!! But you have to remeber that Bendross had better seasons when he was in the praires, even though it was SASK. I think he needs a change, doesnt realy fit in there anymore OTW seems like you guys are loosing all your vets and making way for a rebuilding season

Bendross isnt needed here. He is known as Bendrops anyways. With Armstead and Murphy on the outside and Woodcock and Azzi on the inside I dont see a place for Bendross. I think he would look good in a Bombers uniform it would help them finish in the cellar as the Gades make their first playoff appearance.

Well put BartSimpson650!

For those that care Bendross just signed in the Arena league and The Gades said they had no interest in bringing him back. GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

my assumption would be that bendrops left ottawa because it was as dry as a popcorn fart. nice city, but really boring. or maybe he just left the sinking ship renegade. either way i don't think he would be welcome back in saskatchewan.

hmmm. as for your elementary comment on the queen city, either you are not into females or you have some serious issues involving your mother, but my guess is that most fellas and some woman like the smell of regina. other than that, i just think your comments are contributed to your jealousy of the mighty green riders.