Demerio Houston: "We’re still in disbelief that our child was shot"

This is awful glad his daughter is on the road to recovery

That's crazy...


Demerio Houston should consider resettling in Winnipeg permanently. Winnipeg is certainly a better place to raise kids than Charlotte.

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Feel for him and his family for what they're going through.

Hopefully they catch the people behind this horrific attack.

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Okay , am I missing something here ? His profile on the Bomber web page says he's only 24 years old and yet he has a 12 year old daughter ? I feel bad that his child was shot but in all honesty find it in disbelief that he actually became a father when he was only 12 years old himself . :astonished:

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Could be a misprint.

Don't think so . I've checked several other sources and it seems legit . He apparently won't turn 25 until Sept . 3/ 21 and his birthdate is 96 / 9 / 03 .

Not sure what to say about that.

Well stranger things have happened I guess . I'm just glad that his kid is okay .

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Me as well.

Perhaps his wife is older and had a child before meeting him?

It doesn't really read that way in the article but it is a possibility .

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Cfl info birthday wise has been wrong before, cfl/ Ticats had Ellingson birthday wrong for like 2 years before they fixed it but yeah it is possible the 12 year old could be his step daughter

CFL info has been wrong before to be sure but it doesn't appear to be so in this scenario in the case of Demerio Houston .

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Getting off topic but I remember Nick Arakgi (father of Jason) playing TE for the Concordes 82-84ish and was O'Keefe offensive player of the game on Sept 8th. After the game they interviewed him and congratulated him on a great game on his birthday. He said, "Actually my birthday was last month. I know the program lists 9/8 but really it's supposed to be 8/9."

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No doubt its more likely for league to get the day and month of a players birthday wrong then the year ..

Ticats did something similar to that with Archie Amerson

Wow, I hope he can keep his family here full time.

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And what does it matter either way....

The day you wrote this comment multiple sources started picking up the fact he moved his family to Manitoba

The ages are correct, he obv was young when his girlfriend got pregnant

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