DeMarco taking 1st team reps at OTT Practice

Seems a little more non-committal from Coach Campbell

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After saying all week that QB Henry Burris would start against #Ticats, there is now some waffling...

Tim Baines
When asked if Henry Burris would start Sunday in Hamilton, #RedBlacks coach Rick Campbell said he didn't know.

AJ Jakubec
Rick Campbell says he doesn't know who the starting quarterback will be Sunday. Thomas DeMarco took all first team reps for 3rd straight day

Westerman leads to League in sacks and fines! :roll: :roll:

The case for starting DeMarco

As much as everyone in Ottawa wants to host a home playoff game, the reality is that the main goal isn’t playoff football at Lansdowne, it’s hoisting the Grey Cup in Winnipeg in November. In a perfect world those two things would go hand in hand, but if you polled R-Nation, I’m willing to bet a majority would take the 3rd seed in the East and go on the road if it meant a fully healthy, MOP calibre Burris. Securing a home playoff game at the cost of losing Burris for the playoffs simply isn’t close to an even exchange.


While nobody would ever deny that the 40 year old MOP favourite is the heart and soul of the Redblacks, good teams find a way to overcome adversity, and if sitting out a couple of weeks ensures a healthy Burris for the playoffs, Rick Campbell shouldn’t even think twice about handing the reigns over to Thomas DeMarco.

I support that argument.

Some were upset that Winnipeg didn't "help" out the Ticats by beating Ottawa in at least one of their games, but it could be that they did after all - or at least Westerman did.
Don't like to see injury though for anyone. We all know how tough that can be.

I agree. Probably not a good attempt on my part at humour for the Ticats fans - no offense to Ottawa fans intended. Believe me we know what it is like to lose our QB to a cheap shot (2014) and to just plain bad luck (2015).

I'm not going to pretend I'm broken up over this...

Does level the playing field some - DeMarco`s half dozen starts against Mathews 4 starts.

Would love to have seen this game played with both Zach and Hank behind centre. Guess we`ll have to wait until next season to see that - as long as Hank is still playing.

If Hank isn't 100% Ottawa has little to lose by resting him. Assuming an Argo loss Ottawa would have to win our 2 game total point... so they're playing with house money if the goal is to keep this game close and win the "series" at home.

If they play Hank Sunday and he gets further injured they're done.

Doesn't matter what qb they have starting, this defence will be super angry this week. You know they're embarrassed by what happened in BC and we know how this defence loves to play for its fans. It's make a statement time!

DeMarco or Burris...they dead!!

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 2h2 hours ago Ottawa, Ontario
Thomas DeMarco took reps at Ottawa walkthrough. Rick Campbell says Henry Burris will play if he continues to get better. Gametime decision.

If Burris didn't lead the walkthrough today, I now believe he won't play against us this week. His knee must be badly swollen or something.

Makes sense. This will be the first game that Burris hasn't started in 4 years. Last time he missed a start, it was because he was "demoted" in Calgary in favour of Tate!

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Burris comfortable w fitted knee brace. Will test mobility&stability SUN morning around 1030am b4 Burris & #RedBlacks decide his status #CFL

burris should pass up the next 2 games and save it for playoffs.

if it is this iffy, then stupid to play him

I tend to agree with this.

However, if it is a situation where no further damage can be done (by just playing, of course another hit can always cause damage) and it would just be a matter of pain management, I would think that in games that are so important, does a hobbled Hank have a better chance than a healthy DeMarco? I would say yes.

I agree, Ottawa has surprised everyone and themselves for just getting into the playoffs with 10 wins. Now would be a good opportunity to let them see what DeMarco can do, they may have another opportunity to finish first in the last game of the season if DeMarco is a flop. Hank gets another weeks rest and plays next week and the week after in the playoffs.

Smoke screen.. Burris is starting, they are just trying stop us from completely game planning for one qb

Hank won't play today with that knee not ready because he knows what he is facing on our D , he needs mobility to run from Norwood :twisted: and the "Hitman"!!! :twisted:

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.@HenryBurris will start today's game vs @Ticats. #CFLGameDay