DeMarco taking 1st team reps at OTT Practice

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 40m40 minutes ago Ottawa, Ontario
Henry Burris at practice & in uniform today. He's throwing. But Thomas DeMarco is taking all of the first team reps.

I think his knee from that Westerman low hit is in worse shape than anyone is letting on! :expressionless:

Wow, the starting QBs in the CFL have sure been taking a beating this year.

I wonder if Ottawa has decided to let Hank rest up that leg this week? maybe winning a playoff game is more important than clinching first.

No way, that'd be to big of gamble in my opinion. If they aren't dressing Hank I'd say he's injured not just banged up, getting first place in the CFL holds a lot of weight, cuts your path to the Grey Cup in half. Ottawa is a legit contender and having a one game showdown, in their backyard, with a trip to the Grey Cup on the line in just their second year as an expansion team, that script writes itself for fans.

Don't want to get ahead of anyone here but the RedBlacks could really entrench themselves in the Ottawa sports scene with a Grey Cup run this year, distance themselves from the sour memories of the end of the Riders and debacle that was the Renegades...I hope that doesn't happen obviously because we are all salivating here in Hamilton for our Grey Cup after a lonnnnng 16 years, but it'd be great for the organization and a cool story to follow even if the Cats aren't in the Cup.

Makes sense to rest your 40 year old QB at practice 16 games into the season if he's bruised up. That hit was dirty as hell too.

Unless Burris can't walk, he will be starting against us this Sunday.

Have to agree with that. It is only the first day of practice and players often do take a "maintenance day". Also giving DeMarco some reps in practice is probably good insurance IN CASE he is needed in a pinch or Maas may even decide to play him in some situations to give Hank a break from time to time.

Of course he will and he would like nothing better than to “stick it” to his old team who let him walk in favour of a younger QB! He wasn’t able to best the Ticats last year so he will be gunning for the W.

don't think Hank is built that way. I think his motivation be the same no matter who the opposition is.

I'm not sure even Burris would argue that it would be a good idea to trade Collaros for Burris.

It's worked out that way this year because of injury. Prior to Zach's injury no one would have said (and no one way saying) that Burris was having a better season.

What we will never know is how things would have played out had Zach stayed healthy. Hank has really come on strong lately and put up some big numbers, and might have surpassed him in yardage (not TDs). But I think we'd have had first place virtually wrapped up at this point with Zach still in the line-up, and that pretty much settles the QB question.

At various times this year, any of Collaros, Burris, Mitchell or Harris (and possibly Reilly) could make a claim to be the #1 or #2 QB in the league. IMHO, Collaros had the longest run at the top, with all the others having more uneven years.

Ottawa REDBLACKS ?@REDBLACKS 3h3 hours ago "I'm feeling good. All the intentions are still to play on Sunday." @HenryBurris on his injury.

RedBlacks give DeMarco look at QB

[b]Four days before the RedBlacks' biggest game of the season -- the first of a regular-season-ending, two-game home-and-home series with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that will settle first place in the CFL East -- backup quarterback Thomas DeMarco was taking first-team snaps, all of them.

Even though Burris had a bit of a scare in the final seconds of the first half of a 27-20 win in Winnipeg on Saturday on a late hit to the knee by Jamaal Westerman, there's no need to be concerned. He's OK.

"We fully expect Henry to be ready," said RedBlacks coach Rick Campbell. "We'll call it a Vet Day. Since he's 40, he gets to have a Vet Day every once in a while."

"I'll be fine," said Burris, who missed just one play, a two-point convert attempt, before returning to play the second half against the Blue Bombers. "There are games where you take some hits, you put your body in the situation where you need a couple of days just to recover and get ready. Even when I got my arm hit (in a 38-25 loss to the Toronto Argos Oct. 6 at TD Place), I almost took Day 1 off. I started throwing anyway and they were like, 'OK, if you want to go, just go ahead and go.'

"Today, it got enforced, they said, 'No, you take today off and get ready for tomorrow.' I know the game plan, I know the plays -- we've been running them all year. I'll be out there (Thursday), be ready to get after it and be ready to go on Sunday."[/b]
Burris, for the most part, took it easy during a couple of days of down time after returning from Winnipeg.

"I sat in ice tubs and iced (the knee) down," said Burris. "My wife (Nicole) told me to take it easy, kick the feet up and relax -- stay off my feet. I had to take the kids to hockey, do this and do that around the house, cut the grass. I still had things to do."

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Here is another story telling how if Westerman gets suspended it will actually hurt the Redblacks!

The irony of suspending Westerman

[b]In a wicked twist of irony, if the CFL does what it should do and punishes Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive end Jamaal Westerman, it could hurt the Ottawa RedBlacks.

So hurt Westerman by suspending him for hurting RedBlacks quarterback Henry Burris and it could hurt Ottawa's chances of nabbing a home game in the CFL playoffs.

Huh? That's a lot of hurt. And it's a lot of ifs.

First things first. After Burris had already released the ball, a 51-yard touchdown pass to Chris Williams, Westerman came in low and late. Burris went down to the turf clutching his knee. And a big sigh went through RedBlackland. After missing just one play and with the benefit of a halftime rest, Burris returned to play the second half and led his team to a 27-20 win on Sunday.

When asked after the game about the hit, Westerman said: "I didn't do it on purpose. I was happy to see him come back in the second half. I let him know I wasn't trying to do anything malicious. He said he saw the replay, and he saw I was getting hauled down. I'm just happy it wasn't anything major. Even if I was getting pulled down, you still don't want anybody to have any major injuries out there, because I understand how it is to play this game."

A look at the replay might tell a different story. It looked like Westerman ran into Burris without being pulled or pushed in.

"I don't think he was helped into me," said Burris on Wednesday. "I'm a person you uses the justice system the way it should be used, where you're innocent until proven guilty. But after watching the film, I'm pretty sure we all know what the answer is. I'm hoping the league jumps on this matter where they want to protect their players. I know they'll do their job.

"I'm all about the big picture. You hate to see it happen, where (players) are in a defenceless position and players go against the rules and take people out."

There hasn't been a peep out of the CFL, which studies such matters carefully before making a decision. Likely, it's just a fine, a bit of cash out of Westerman's wallet ... or maybe it's a suspension and, with a bye this week, that would fall in a game where the Blue Bombers face the Toronto Argos next Friday. If the Argos win in B.C. this week, that game against Winnipeg could mean plenty as far as settling the final standings. A Westerman-less Bombers team would be substantially weaker.[/b]

[url=] ... -westerman[/url]
8) This Tim Baines guy should take time to check the CFL schedule before writing his articles :roll:
   The Argos do not play in BC.   That game is in Toronto !!!

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 51s52 seconds ago Ottawa, Ontario
More first team reps for QB Thomas DeMarco today.

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So a "vet day" for Burris yesterday is spilling over into today.

I wouldn't read too much into this. Ideally you want your starting QB to be as sharp as possible, but if Burris is a little banged up, it makes sense to give DeMarco more reps as insurance in case Burris goes down on Sunday. A QB as experienced as Burris can get away with fewer practice reps in a given week without losing too much of his edge, if prudence dictates.

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DeMarco getting starter reps for the 3rd day in a row #RNation


In other Redblacks injury news, Ottawa’s coach admitted that defensive back Jerrell Gavins is unlikely to play in the first of the Ticats and Redblacks home-and-home. Gavins has four interceptions and 40 tackles this season, his second in Ottawa.

Steve Lloyd
As Burris nurses a sore leg, DeMarco is once again taking first team reps at RedBlacks practice. @TSN1200

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Third straight day with Burris not taking reps. Could he still play? Yes. Is it likely? No. #Redblacks #Ticats #CFL

I'll start to get excited if someone tells me that Steve Lloyd is a trustworthy source.

No one wishes for an injury, and I really like Burris. But it would serve as a bit of an equalizer, wouldn't it. We'd find out which team was more dependent on its starting QB.

Steve Lloyd works for TSN Ottawa radio. Can't see why not to trust him.