DeMarco off to the RedBlacks

The Ottawa RBs have picked up Kevin Glenn as their starting QB for the 2014 season and DeMarco will be his back up. That leaves Lulay, Pierce, Elliot and Hart. I know nothing about Hart and little about Elliot.

Any thoughts guys?

I thought Elliot looked alright at times with the Bombers a couple of years ago. With Buono's track record with QBs and Pierce and Lulay to learn from, I think he'll be fine form in the future.

Before the draft, BC and Calgary have the best quarterback depth in the CFL. After the draft, they still have better quarterbacks than some other teams. In 2013, DeMarco was mediocre and shouldn't be hard to replace.

I for one am not upset at losing DeMarco; was never a fan. Same can be said for Elliott. This gives Hart an opportunity now. From what I have read he has the tools to succeed in this league.

I was not impressed with DeMarco’s playing making skills until I saw that come from behind win agains SSK this past season. He played a sensational game. His passing was pin point and he showed a lot of composure given how little he had played up until that game. I know you can’t judge a player based on a single game or even a couple of games but he may show more smarts and ability down the road. Not sure how much playing time he is going to get in Ottawa. Glenn is a good QB.

I’m happy with Lulay. Buck, if he can stay on his feet and avoid throwing himself out as a human sacrifice by madly running with the ball like he is possessed will be a good back up QB. I know nothing about Hart.

Please rtk350…PAHLEEEZ……
It is “losing” not loosing!! lol
The team is “losing” right now…not loosing. :rockin:
It drives me simply nuts when I see those words interchanged like that. lol

“Than” and “then” are two other words ………….

Actually I suppose you could say that they “loosed” DeMarco by turning him loose…

But you’re right.

Most journalists have focussed on Demarco's selection by Ottawa, and rightly so. But the Lions also lost some depth along the offensive and defensive lines with the RedBlack's selection of a couple of big boys: backup guard Matthew Albright and PR defensive tackle Andrew Marshall.

Demarco was a second year guy who won some ballgames against easier teams but struggled to find consistency against the better team, 3-3. He pulled off a miracle drive with about 30 seconds left to best the Riders in their yard, not too shabby for a guy getting his first real game reps. He wouldn't have been here in BC if Waly and Bene didn't think he deserved to be here. He was one of the better backups in the 2013 season. Everybody thought he might get picked by the TwoColours. I wish him luck next year in the nation's capitol.

Andrew Albright was a 2013 fifth round pick.. We may be able to replace his roster spot with a pick in the later rounds of the 2014 Canadian college draft next spring. His loss represents a year of experience gone from the team, one of the offensive line's top seven in this year's western semi in Regina. Where he might have fit with a healthy Kirby Fabien available next season is unclear.

Andrew Marshall was a practice roster depth player. He dressed for one game, Sept. 27th, an evening when BC stomped the Bombers with Demarco at QB in their own yard, 53-17. He was reassigned to the practice roster the following week. Marshall's loss represents another guy the team felt comfortable enough with to add to their late-season depth. He's Canadian,a defensive tackle and is one of twelve linemen picked by the RedBlack's in their 24 picks last week.

Compared to Calgary who lost two good starters, I guess you'd have to say the damage this draft imposed on the Lions is minimal, about as good as we could hope for. But its two players Wally will have to replace between now and training camp. So it is significant. Glad we don't have to to that every year, although it would be one way to get better parity across the league in the future, sort of a rummage sale for the worst team each year.

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Elliott was cut last season and only brought back due to injury. Not sure if he will or should be back at training camp but maybe with DeMarco gone he gets one more shot if they can’t acquire someone else for 3rd string QB.

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"Twas a simple typing error…"

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I must admit that I was a little surprised that Pierce was protected over DeMarco. When you factor in the injury woes that have plagued Pierce throughout his career, personally I would have rather protected DeMarco. I don't know all the ins/outs and expansion rules on which QB's could have been left exposed for Ottawa though.

Only one QB was protected - Lulay.