Demarco gone for the season

With the announcement that Thomas Demarco sustained a season ending injury on Sunday. What does Ottawa do for a back up Qb. I wold expect them to be looking at NFL releases this week but was wondering if anybody has any thoughts about some immediate help at the quarterback position.

Short term , maybe get Brink from Montreal? Think Montreal will ride Crompton .

Certainly doesn't sound like they're actively looking for a QB from anyone else around the league. And the timing couldn't be worse for them. Around the league last week - Durant hurts his hand and is questionable, Glenn is down in BC and they're going to need Lulay to be fully ready which I'm not sure if they even think he's 100% healthy still at this point, and Edmonton having to go to Nichols last week after Reilly got hurt. Crazy week. I don't seen Tate moving. Bombers have 4 QBs right now, maybe a good offer can net them Portis. Brohm probably doesn't get moved because he's the holder on FGs and the like Marve. The only other team I can see is maybe the Argos parting with their 3rd QB Mitchell Gale.

If you look at castoffs, not a lot there either. Nieswander, though they didn't want him even when they didn't have any QBs on the roster to begin with. I wonder whether they would look at Kerry Joseph? He's played in Ottawa before, he played as recently as last year with the Esks, and his CFL experience could be a nice bridge between Burris and the 2 inexperienced guys on the roster. He'd probably be an easy get on a 1 yr deal and could replicate what Burris has been able to accomplish this year - sub 60% completion and roughly even TD:INT ratio.

That's the same problem that Hamilton has. No CFL QBs available, and for both teams it's going to a revolving door of trying out NFL cuts.

They go the rest of the year with just Burris they're probably 4-14.

They bring in Brink or Crompton they're probably 4-14.

I don't think this is an urgent matter. DeMarco's recovery and long term health is what counts. Unfortunate injury. Get well Thomas. :thup:

Is Tim Tebow a possibility?

Crompton is the starter for montreal and he is going nowhere.

...and this is exactly why Ottawa will see no trade action from Montreal or any western based team that might need the cross-over later this year...

Ottawa Sun:

[i]With this being a short week - the REDBLACKS play in Montreal Friday night - Danny O'Brien will be the backup and Alex Carder will dress against the Alouettes.

"We're moving forward to see if we can find the right guy to compete with those guys," said Desjardins. "There aren't a lot of those experienced guys around right now."[/i]

Just from pre-season, I'd prefer to see Carder ahead of O'Brien. He seemed far more mobile. I actually liked him better than DeMarco anyway.

I have no idea what they see in O'Brien, frankly, aside from a huge arm but he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Or Marcus Henry's hands, which doesn't matter because Henry would just drop it anyway.

How about a few of the free agents like former Bomber Max Hall or former Al’s QB Josh Neidmyer? I can’t imagine anyone coming into to Ottawa will get any playing time behind Burris unless he is injured or just plays rotten and gets pulled late in a game, so that would be the other downside of joining a team like the Redblacks you may have to wait your turn for awhile, because win or lose the Redblacks are riding all hopes on Burris.

Tough break, that's for sure. Just like LeFevor. Should've kept Glenn. Burris appears to be struggling, and Glenn would've been the best fit for Ottawa. May have been the spark O-Towne needed, but, that's in the history books now...

This has been The Season of The ACL… wow!

It’s also hindsight. At the time, it was all about how Glenn “deserved” to start and how if he was kept his presence would tear the locker room apart.

Agreed. Keeping Glenn would not have fixed the problems Ottawa's offence has; Burris or Glenn, it matters not as they have no one to throw to. You could put a young Anthony Calvillo or Russ Jackson on that team and the results would still be the same. Problem in Ottawa is not at the quarterback position, it's that dreadful receiving corps.