demarco back up ?

oh my god he looked bad

He was OK considering how much actual game experience he has in the league. Lulay certainly wasn't perfect tonight either. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see Elliott run the offense.

27,000 not bad for pre season

I don't think DeMarco has looked very good this preseason... I realize he is lacking experience, but man alive - we could be in trouble.

No way is he ready to be on the field. Elliot will be a much better QB if needed to step in than he was in winnipeg. In BC a system alreayd on place. two bookend all star OTs the best RB in the CFL rushing and receiving and a great group of now young expereinced receivers. Gore, Arceneaux, Taylor all now experienced pro receivers to go with a few more.

I actually thought DeMarco did OK; surprised that Elliot wasn't given game time but I guess they know a bit more of what they are getting with Elliot in a live game situation than DeMarco.

BC has a load of receivers on the roster, both import and non-import. Wonder if one of them may end up as trade-bait to get some backup on the NI DB side, which consists entirely of LaRose at the moment.