Delvin Breaux

Breaux on the six game injury list. One national and one American cut today. Looks like there making room to sign some players.

yeah hopefully they sign another import running back to go with Marshall and as insurance for him.
It could be Lawry or Sutton.
I hope Teddy is ready for next game.

Anyone hear any news on Breaux?

Since he’s been on the 6-Game list for 4 games now, and we haven’t heard anything, I’d be surprised if he returns to action before our next home game, at the earliest.

  1. Still not a peep regarding Breaux, but on the other hand, do we really miss him ??

Not from what I see, and if and when he is able to return to action, who exactly in the D backfield
is going to sit because of his potential return ?? ::slight_smile:

Going to have to be Rolle, although he has played pretty well in relief.

Rolle was beaten pretty badly early in the game but the QB couldn’t connect. His two interceptions certainly overshadowed that.

Maybe Breaux’s return would lead to more of a rotation of DBs so that they all stay more rested. It seems like the coaches are not very confident in the depth available behind the existing starters.

I would suspect Rolle would return to the other CB spot where he was playing or was it HB? Matters not - Leonard and Williams have both been playing very well on that side - especially Frankie last night. Doing a rotation would give him a bit more rest and keep him fresher for his punt/kick return role. Didn’t see Likely in there last night - maybe he was a scratch?

Breaux has been on the 6 game IL for 5 games now

I saw Likely on special teams last night . :slight_smile:

The old guy( the name escapes me )

Thanks Pat - Looks like your “old” eyes are better than mine! (not that I’m THAT old) :slight_smile:

Rolle was sitting while Breaux was starting

Slightly off topic. But, if I might ask: Did anything happen to Adeleke? It seemed like Daly was in whenever I looked at the Safety spot. I thought I saw Adeleke in a sweat jacket on the sidelines.

They (TSN) mentioned at the start of the game that Adeleke tried to play but was (physically - injured?) unable to, so Daly started in his place.

Thanks, Mike.

I believe the CFL trade deadline is coming up.

I don’t think we should do it (should this hypothetical come to pass), but I wonder if a team like the Bombers, who had a total collapse in the secondary against Montreal, might inquire about a trade for Breaux?

Breaux is a Ticat for life, IMO.

And we don’t want to lessen our team depth or chemistry, IMO.

But I’m not the GM.

FYI, the CFL trade deadline is Oct 9th @4PM EST

Breaux won’t be traded

TOR, OTT and BC will be trying to unload some players for picks and/or prospects

I personally wouldn’t mind John Henry White coming back

8)Grover, I hope you mean John White…not John Henry White !!

John Henry White is 64 now !! ::slight_smile:

Yes John White, who will play lights out for 2-3 quarters and then will be on the 6 game injured list to join all the other RB we already have there.
( unless we just dress him for the GC)

Yeah, what is it about RBs and QB knees in Hamilton? We go through RBs like a guy with a cold goes through Kleenex.