Delvin Breaux

7.ON NFL.COM: Delvin Breaux, New Orleans Saints cornerback: Signed away from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after shutting Duron Carter down in the CFL playoffs, Breaux has overcome four penalties in his NFL debut to emerge as a quality cornerback in New Orleans. His last three games suggest there's potential to emerge as a sticky cover corner.

Saw an article earlier today where Breaux was listed #10 on the top 32 DBs in the NFL. Not bad for a "rookie"!
Way to go Breaux Show! :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Glad to see how far he's come and how great he's doing. :rockin:

with his size and speed, we never even would have gotten a sniff of him if it hadn’t been for his back injury. can’t say enough how appreciative i am of what he did in hamilton, and as a fan how proud we all should be of what he’s doing down south