Delvin Breaux

Delvin is starting today for the Saints. Getting lots of tv exposure. Playing tentative so far

took four flags, lots of holding on. made a nice play near the end though.

Not a very auspicious start.

Rookie Mistakes he’ll get better and if not He’ll end up here again.

he will figure it out. awesome footballers do!!

On this very topic

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In that case, he may have had problems up here this season too...

If you read the comment section of the above article, a lot of Saint fans like Breaux's aggressiveness, and think he will learn from his mistakes in game 1.


bobo can you help a brother out with posting a pic!

With pleasure ryan............ENJOY !!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
Delvin's saying..................
Who me ???????? Come on Ref , I'm innocent , I learned that move up in Canada :slight_smile:

I was flipping between the Saints and the Ottawa-BC game, specifically to watch Breaux. As a lot in the comment section of that article said, he wasn't getting beat, just needs to clean up the penalties. I only saw one of his penalties, the PI in the end-zone and found it rather iffy.

Apart from that, I only saw one other ball thrown his way (a compliment for a CB) and he made a nice play to knock it down.

Breaux couldn't contact recievers past 5 yards here this year either.

Thanks Bobo.. :thup:

DB the db looks like he has been hitting the weight room.

He looked much better in our black and gold!

Here are some other pics from Breaux's debut with my Saints :rockin:

Introduction...coming out of the tunnel,starting at corner number #40 DELVIN BREAUX !!!

Leapfrogged by Fitzgerald

Moving in for the stop

2 Former CFLers starting corners Breaux and Browner close in.

Breaux in on the tackle.

Arizona fumble recovered by Delvin Breaux !!!!!

OUR Saints!


who dat?

the 'Aints!


Uh oh. Apparently not Breaux's finest hour this weekend.

8) Delvin is finding out quickly that there is a big difference in covering NFL receivers, instead of CFL ones !!
 He may be back in Hamilton, sooner than you think !!!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

doesn't look like he had a problem with the receiver on that play. the ball on the other hand haha

I don't want to laugh but since he's an 'Aint now, I can :wink:

LOL!!! Easy there ryan buddy old pal :slight_smile: The last time I looked both our teams are tied at a wonderful 0-2 to start the season. :cry: :oops: