Delvin Breaux

It can't be said enough.. This guy is a machine.

I sat behind the Als bench this game. #27 had Carter so frustrated he would just slump over on the bench. His teammates tried to keep him in the game but it was over for him after the first quarter. Delvin broke him mentally :thup:

Well done #27.

And to all the fans that were piling on with the chanting of "Carrrrterrr" with me. Thanks I know he heard it.

Shut-down corners win championships. He totally outmatched Carter today!

Oski Wee Wee,


Didn't Carter say that he considered Breaux one of the best DBs in the league, and looked forward to going up against him? He didn't seem to enjoy being up against him during this game.

And a few days ago I heard that there was a chance that Breaux wouldn't play. If he wasn't at 100%, then that makes what he did even more impressive. And I'm sure Collaros was relieved that Breaux caught that bad Crompton pass shortly after Collaros fumbled one away.

Carter is a talented receiver who probably has a good shot at an NFL career so it`s very likely we wont see him again. Maybe this experience will teach him not to run his mouth off in the future. And should Breaux get a shot in the NFL too, they may well meet again! :smiley:

Delvin Breaux played a great game as always.

Duron Carter only wished he could have.

#27 will forever be in Carter's nightmares.

Delvin is in a lot CFL receivers' bad dreams!!!!

True true. Its been fun to watch him play and i wish him the best of luck in the NFL.

Carter seems to get it, finally:

“I’m part of the reason we lost,? Carter admitted. “The first half, they got under my skin a bit. We came in with so much emotion and to sort of be stagnant at times that we were was really frustrating.

“It’s a helpless feeling when you don’t get the ball.?