Delvin Breaux update

Delvin Breaux is apparently off to an impressive start in OTA's with the Saints working with the first team defense replacing ironically another ex-CFLer in Brandon Browner who is out with an injury. According to this ESPN report Breaux was the standout at practice yesterday and absolutely "killed it" in the one on one drills and although it's early yet he has a great shot at starting with the Saints this season. :thup:

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Good luck DB.

Until you play the Giants that is, than I wish you zero luck :expressionless:

Great to hear!!!!!

Proud for him.

Another former Tiger Cat making good. Speaks well for the player and those here that scouted and brought him to Hamilton.

We will find out on Nov. 1... :smiley: ryan3434 and his NY.Giants vs bobo's New Orleans Saints.....Being a Saints fan I'm hoping that Breaux and the Saints squash your Giants :slight_smile: Hopefully Manning throws a few balls in Breaux's direction :slight_smile: :thup:

the GMEN defence will squash that pint sized qb of yours muahahaha :rockin:

Breaux is rocking jersey #40 as a Saint,pictured here at practice yesterday. :thup:

Ha,Ha,Ha.....I wouldn't be at all surprised,the Saints are in serious rebuild mode this season. Let's just hope that Breaux is a part of it. :rockin: Good Luck to you and your Giants this season who have also been in rebuild mode since winning the Super Bowl a few seasons back. :thup:

that's way to nice but good luck to the Aints, please beat the Cow Girls and Philth a delphia :thup:
who dat goin beat dem saints?

the Giants!

LOL !!! The Saints play the Cow Girls and Philth a delphia back to back on 0ct 4 and Oct 11 So consider It a DONE DEAL :smiley:
So the G-Men better hold up their end of the deal and return the favour by taking out the Falcons and the Panthers :smiley:


You show some respect when you talk about those Dallas CowBOYS.

You can call that other team Philith all you want. But that FINE, OUTSTADNING football dynasty from the land of the BIG STAR deserves your respect!!!!!!

Wont make any promises :oops:

Although we do owe Carolina a major ass whoopin From the 38-0 loss a few years back.


:oops: :thdn: Don't let this happen AGAIN !!!!! :thdn: :oops: