Delvin Breaux Sr retires

:open_mouth::frowning: Good thing they’ve signed so many dbs... advance notice?

Reportedly he did in fact let the Ticats know ahead of time so they could plan for free agency properly.

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And Brandon Banks is whining again.


Best DB I ever watched in CFL along with Patrick Watson and Jonathan Heffney.

It was kind of obvious to me when the team resigned all those other veteran DBs, some of whom were moving up from rookie salaries. Something had to give.

Thanks for your time here, Delvin. Wish the team could have won a cup during your stay, you were always a class act.

Will never forget how he shut down Duron Carter to the point Carter took a swipe at him in frustration.


Eddie Davis gets my vote for best all time DB. . . with Vernon Perry in second place.

Yup both great as well.

:sunglasses: You must be a young lad !!

Breaux couldn't hold a candle to the likes of Garney Henley, David Shaw, Lewis Porter, and Howard Fields to name just a few !!

Now those guys were real outstanding players, in a class of their own :smiley:

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kind of like debating " how long is a piece of string"

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DB the DB was class coming, playing, and now going. Farewell to one of my favourite players. I know he will do well in whatever direction life takes him.


You have to feel for these players, standing around and not knowing if they are going to play and get paid. Too much uncertainty about the upcoming season.

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:sunglasses: never mind a piece of string, those names you mentioned, along with Breaux , are not even in the same class as the names I mentioned !!

You obviously were not even born when those great all- star players were playing :roll_eyes:

Too bad, you missed some of the all time greatest DB's in TiCat and CFL history !!!

That's a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it. At least in the case of the two I saw play, Fields and Shaw. They were top DBs in their day, just like Breaux. Perhaps they were considered "the best" in their day - I know many said that of Breaux.

Not many guys get to start in the NFL (or CFL, for that matter) without having played a down of college football, never mind the major injury.


My favourite Breaux stat, which I've posted before, and expect to retire after this repeat.

Trips to the Grey Cup, 2000s

  • Ticats with Breaux on the team : 3 for 4
  • Ticats without Breaux: 0 for 16
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Thanks Tipper! I always prided myself on being a two way player. :wink:

Throw in Felix Wright, Lance Shields, Less Browne from the ‘80 s, all great ones as well. But I think you can rank Breaux up there with those guys, and some of the others mentioned, especially from his first go round with the team. He shut down a lot of great receivers. Had he stayed and played here his entire career we would likely put him up there with the great ones. He didn’t get big stats as qbs tended not to throw his way.

Classy. Loyal. Never heard a peep out of him. Great attitude and been through alot personally.

The locker room will miss him. As will I.


Almost his entire career offenses were reluctant to test his side. What better indicator do you need that Breaux was extraordinary ?


Sad to see this physical shut down no fly zone corner go. He was also an great inspiration to us all with his serious injury recovery . The only positive note is he frees up over 200 k in salary. I agree that Rolle likely is best suited to replace him in competition with promising CFL rookies.
Not sure who plays wide side corner and half between Frankie Williams and Ciante Evans.
This should free up some money to sign Lirum and either an experienced SAM linebacker and/ or experienced Offensive Tackle .