Delvin Breaux a free agent

If at all possible, I would love to see Delvin Breaux back wearing a Tiger-Cats uniform.

Zero chance of Breaux returning to the CFL. He's a proven DB at the NFL level who will now have more than one NFL team offering him a free agent contract any day now.

IMHO, If the Breaux Show is coming back to the CFL, It will be in Hamilton!
He has always been true to the City and the Organization, I can't see that changing.

When healthy, definitely. But he has had a serious string of injuries since his first year there. Broken fibula, shoulder, fractured fibula, and whatever the "setback" was last year. Will other NFL teams come banging on his door? Or will they look at the Saints' decision to cut him as a warning that his latest injury is more serious than Breaux is saying?

Of course there is a chance. Maybe not high but definitely not zero. Love to see him back. Dude was a complete game changer for our D.

Everyone talks about QBs and coaches, but here's some trivia about Delvin Breaux.

  • Ticats success rate reaching the Grey Cup in the 21st century when Breaux is on the team: 2-0

  • Success rate this century when he is not on the team: 0-16

I would find it hard to believe he’ll be back in the CFL any time soon. He’s likely mad several million since he left here and if he gets signed by another NFL team in any capacity he’ll make way more than coming back here.
Unless he’s not signed by an NFL team and he’s financially broke , I don’t see it happening.

I see that Eric Harris is a restricted free agent with the Raiders. Both Breaux and Harris would look great again in TiCat colours.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I assume Breaux will have NFL options, but even if he were to return to the CFL, I'm not sure he'd be as successful has he had been perviously. He had a very physical style that has since been devalued by the CFL's change to a stricter "illegal contact" rule. Maybe he'd be able to make the transition, but it has become a different game.
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Broncos bring former Saints corner Delvin Breaux in for a physical

According to Mike Klis of KUSA, the Broncos arebringing former Saints cornerback Delvin Breaux in for a physical.
If he passes, they’re expected to sign.

That doesn't bode well if he ever retires...

There is still a chance! :wink:

Hmmm, things sure got quietwith the Breaux Show after a few workouts with NFL teams.

Maybe Delvin should play a season in the Hammer to prove to the NFL he is healthy.
He can sign a 1 year contract with us, and become a FA the day after we win the Grey Cup! :slight_smile:

With him becoming a FA AFTER we host a GC, we'll get to keep him longer... lol

Being a Broncos fan I was pretty excited to see him getting a workout. Unfortunately he failed his physical and was sent home with no contract. After a so-so second yr, a third yr written off due to injury and now a failed physical. I think it is a possibility that his career is over.

If he failed a medical in the NFL what makes you think the Ticats Doctor will pass him a miraculous recovery he is probably done for 2018 or at least till after Labor Day?!

Delvin Breaux is all about miraculous recoveries ! The guy overcame a serious neck injury in high school which prevented him from attending college . The Cats gave him an opportunity and he showed his all star talent . I'm sure Austin and Tillman would welcome him back , as would I .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)