Dellusional....its sad to see key signing and the eskimo fans figure we might as well Purolate the cup to Edmonton.........please up the meds Ralph, the Chuk is losing touch with reality..........

Cheers! I am LOVING this!

The Stamps make a few feeble aquisitions and their fans were trying to convince anyone who would listen that the Esks were on the same level.

Today, they argue that the Esks won't win the Grey Cup, because the team supposedly isn't as good as the 2003 team, as opposed to arguing that the Esks and Stamps would be battling each other for a playoff spot.

Who's delusional? :slight_smile:

You telling me Stamps fans wouldn't be partying in the streets if Garcia or Dickinson returned?

You bet they would.

R&W I usually share your opinion on most things, but I have to debate you on this one a bit.

I thought the Eskimos have upgraded in the key positions that they needed to. Ricky Ray just adds some more firepower to that Eskimo lineup. Now I will concede, the Eskimos have a ticking time bomb In Lancaster Junior. He couldn't coach a Pee Wee team to 5th place in a four team league. But I think the talent on the offense will prevail even with Lancaster Junior.

In my heart, I'd love to see the Eskies miss the playoffs, they need to feel what losing is like. My brain says Wow, watch out for the big show down with BC in the Western Final.

His point is not that the eskiblows won't win the Grey Cup, it's that Edmonton now ASSUMES they'll win the Grey Cup. The edmonton fans figure they should simply be handed the Cup. Give me a break ... there's an 18-game season to play. Not to mention that if those 3 QBs stick around, they are NOT going to be a happy bunch. Just because Edmonton got Ray does not mean BC lost Buono, or any of its drive to make up for last year. Just because Edmonton got Ray does not mean Montreal lost Calvillo or Matthews. Just because Edmonton got Ray does not mean there couldn't be a couple of freak injuries. Sure, the 'shmos may now be contenders for the Cup, but that's not the problem ... it's that they instantly figure the other 8 teams should simply concede defeat.

I argree with you totally.....anything can happen in 18 games. Injuries are a big part of football.......just ask , MR. ALLEN , of the ARGOS.


The ARGOS who have retained most of their championship team are not just going to role over................B.C. are still good are hosting this years GREY CUP , and SASK. wants revenge.

Montreal always has a great team, and HAMILTON will be better this year.

RAY..... will have that old "....NFL back to the CFL, curse" to over come this year.

But can you imagine for a moment how Hugh Campbell would react would the Esks fail lamentably in spite of all the acquisitions he made this off-season...

I know it seems far fetched, but what if they miss the playoffs? Who will there be to hire next year to improve the team even more? Man, it would rain blood in Edmonton...

........and that my friend would be the sweetest Fall imaginable.......and please gents, go find a post where I can be quoted saying the EEs are not a solid and to-be-respected group of players? can't 'cause I didn't say it, so Kev the Canuc hit the nail on the head.......a few weeks back we signed Burris, immediately correcting a bad bad QB situation here and almost immediately all the $#%? flies........"oh, he's no good"......."you guys will still suck"........."you think one signing will help yer a fool" time to dish some of that back up Highway #2...............Do Unto Others........

ANYONE who thinks their team will automatically win the cup before the season has started is a complete moron. Canuckev the Esks were contenders before Ray requested his release based on the moves they have made. They had made plans based on the fact that Ray would be in the NFL and they were starting the season with Maas. All of a sudden now they have 3 QBs when a week ago posters were sayin we had none? Gimme a break.

I would think they will move one of them before the season starts. From what is being said in the first 48 hours it sounds like Maas wants to stay for this season at least, so maybe Jones will go. Who knows. The word is depth man and now we are deeper at QB.

It is the same reason that your team (I'm assuming you are a Lions fan) is getting so much respect on here, including from yours truly. Although I am a die hard Esks fan, I also understand the game and am convinced that BC will be the team to beat in the west. I have not seen very many posters that disagree with me.

As far as sending it down the highway, well I have taken one of my own to task for not thinking before posting, so I damn sure will also defend our honor. As far as I could see it was mostly bitter Rider fans that were doing all the negative posting about Burris. It was ridiculous, like they wouldn't be naming their first born children (although Henry is probably a good name for a farmer) after him had he chosen to sign in Riderville. they would have been handing him the keys to Taylor field. I have said it before, the Stamps will be a much improved team this year but stamps fans still haven't answered my question from a week ago. What happens and who will play QB if Burris gets injured (knock wood)?

My final question is this. Which CFL team has made the playoffs 30 years in a row? We as fans in Edmonton demand it, that's why it often comes across as though we have awarded ourselves the grey cup. We expect our team to be sucessfull year in and year out.

Lets cheer for our colors and let the BEST team win. Camp is two weeks away and then we will all begin to see exactly what we have and maybe make some more informed posts.


Why are you all wasting your time on this. The Cup is going nowhere this season... just going to stay in the hands of the Argonauts. It's fun seeing all the other teams aquiring new players and thinking that they now actually have a chance.

I'm bored waiting for the season to start.

Quite gladly, pro sports are populated by such morons.

If we had to wait until mid-season to start bragging enthusiasticly, most of us would just never have a chance to do so because hard facts like injuries and losses would come to hit us in the face. It's only logical that your hopes of winning the big game in November get slimmer as your team accumulates losses. We HAVE to start the year with as much enthusiasm as possible just to make sure we can assume losing some on the way and still be interested and cheerful.

Face it, wishful thinking is just a synonym for hope... and maybe faith as well. Without it, less victorious teams (in any league, that is) would probably have folded by now.

Hope is contagious. Demonstrate yours, and your neighbour might want to buy a ticket for the game too.

To me calling hopeful fans morons because they brag before season has even started shows a down-to-earth rational mindset, a bit uncharacteristic of what a sport fan should be. It's only obvious our comments are expectations, not facts. You don't need to point it out as it just CAN'T be otherwise anyways.

Just look at the Blue Bombers fans right now. They too talk about finishing first and getting the Cup. Isn't their beautifully naive attitude touching? I think so. Keep it up guys... because no one knows what can happen.

In 2000, I predicted the Als would take it all. I said so again in 2003. I was wrong both times. Do I mind? Not at all. I had fun believing.

Your friendly occasional moron,

....omigod.......i'm a moron too............ continue to impress me with thoughtful and intelligent posts...........keep it up........

..........I missed your question about our backup QB.......Darnell Kennedy is sitting on paper as no.2 right now and we're pretty comfy with that, he has shown competence and will push Burris as much as he can.....I am more excited about our on-paper third stringer NCAA phenom who has struggled a little in the majors since graduating but shows mucho potential........

Touche'......I should have worded that differently. It was not my intention to call you fellows morons cause I never really got the impression that you two had decided you were automatically winning the cup. It was actually aimed at others but since you have stated so eloquently the obvious, I withdraw the "moron" comment and apologize to anyone I upset. No offense was intended.Your post was well written and accurate and perhaps I do need to loosen up a little.

That said, I would still give the Lions the edge for the cup as long as their QB situation doesn't blow up in their faces. Ours is similar, but I think Maas/Ray are approaching this differently than Printers/Dickenson.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me, and thanks for the compliment RedandWhite....don't sell yourself short though, your opinions are wanted and welcome.

I'm sure by now I have Papazoola, Jeremy, Discipline and Punish to name a few barfing on their keyboards. Oh well, who said I have to be normal anyway?


..........a stamps fan and an eskimos fan complimenting each other........the end draws nigh, the apocalypse is soon upon us........

.......having high expectations is one thing, being unrealistic is another.......awhile back I critiqued the Rider State of the Union.......I poked fun at Shivers for saying he 'expected' to win every do you take that?...I felt it meant he had unrealistic goals and that an undeafeated season was a pretty lofty burden to place on your team.......Third and Ten thought RS meant he felt his team had every tool necessary to fgo into every game with the expectation of winning......sementics maybe......but Barrett had some reasonable goals.......his first goal is to make the playoffs.......his second goal is host a playoff game....beyond that he has been silent.......and that is where I am standing with my club and I am sure the other level headed ones in these forum posts feel the same.....make the playoffs.......

.......anyway...i'msayin and eskimoses and I have a history of dislike so it was natural to butt heads over makes for interesting reading...

Well, it's probably only a couple of weeks before we start hearing about the Alouettes' undefeated season. :roll:

.........why not........I heard a Maple Leafs fan boast his team just completed an undefeated season.........

Supertoe I am a riders fan. I have never like Henry Burris, I have always been a Nealon Greene fan. I never wanted Henry Burris to come back to Saskatchewan after he went to the NFL. It killed me to see most of the rider fans jump on the Henry bandwagon, as soon as the caught wind that Burris may be coming back from the NFL. I was happy when he went to Calgary, SERIOUSLY. I am a Burris basher I admit it, but thats only because I have never liked him. If Nealon was to sign with another team I would be dissappointed, but I would always wish him the best and never bash him. This is what a good fan does. It makes me sick that all of the people that supposedly like Burris are now bashing him because he left. He made a decision based on what was best for him, I respect that. I just don't like him, thats why I bash him.

                         Just thought I would clear that up for everybody.

Only one team in the CFL has had an undefeated season does anybody know what team did this? This happened in 1948.