Deletions and additions

No priviledged information but expect, in the next 10 days or so, some deletions and additions to the current roster.

Deletions: A few players, mainly DB,WR and DL, to be deleted or released before beginning of rookie camp.

Additions: An additional DB, maybe Billy Parker, an additional DE, maybe Johnny Jackson, and 1 or 2 WR amongst Derek Lee,T.T. Toliver,Aaron Boone and J.J. McKelvey. If I was a betting man I would put my money on Aaron Boone and/or Derek lee.

I expect, before the middle of next week, the signings of Martin Bédard and Benoît Ladouceur to long term contracts; Dylan Steenbergen should follow.

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Thank you Richard
Interesting reading as always

6 players have been added to the roster; 2 non-import-N- and 4 imports-I-

The non-imports are:Doug Goldsby-S- and Tim Sims-CB-

The imports are: Javid James-WR-,Kevin Marion-WR-,Billy Parker, who was a DB in college, will be tried at LB and Jamaine Winborne-LB-

No players have officially been released but some have/will; 2 of my candidates are: Ricky Santos and Gemara Williams.


2 players have officially been released; Keith Godding-N- WR- and Chris Jennings-I-RB


Interesting. Glut of linebackers an DB's but down to 3 import tailbacks. One of which is coming off an operation a month ago and no big names like Aaron R. Boone or Lee.

Tim Sims is an import CB rather than a non=import.

Presently we have 89 players on the roster-54 imports and 35 non-imports.

Fierce competition foreseen in areas such as WR/SB-14 players signed-,DL- 14 signed-,LB-11 signed- and DB where 17 are signed.

Expect 1 or 2 more signings in RB.


I see Jennings still on the Roster, but gone is Canadian FB Jonathan Lapointe who was signed in the off-season from Calgary.

Agree; I wanted to bring this correction. Jennings OK .Lapointe gone.


Is Doug Goldsby a safety or a quarterback. I'm confused...

Doug Goldsby is listed as Safety and he played that position at UBC, in 2008.


Based on the latest Als roster, 2 defensive backs have been deleted/released; they are: Brandon Williams and Gemara Williams.

We are now at-based on the Als roster- 88 players,i.e.53 imports and 35 non-imports; amongst the 35 non-import, I don't think that Ryan Mousseau,-OL- drafted on May 2,2009, has signed,yet. I do know that he was contemplating of quitting football.


Looking at the Als 2008 Grey Cup Roster (including Practice Roster and Injured Lists), hard to believe, but there are 17 names no longer around. However, with 1 or 2 exceptions most were fringe players:

Marcus Brady
Khalil Carter
Devone Claybrooks
Luke Fritz
Shawn Gallant
Dave Mudge
Dwayne Taylor
Donovan Alexander
David Ball
Chris Smith
Chris Vrantsis
Jesse Hendrix
Jeff Keeping
Dave Stala
Elijah Thurman
Mike Vilimek
Gemara Williams

Still remaining are 46 players.
Poor Mr. Wetenhall who had to pay all these salaries last year because of the injury factor!

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