Deleted post... Again!!

I started a post about Henry's complaining about a perfectly legal hit. I made the point that he was way offside to complain about Simoni's character on National TV. No foul language or inappropriate remarks and yet the whole thread is deleted. Yes there were some colourful individual posts later but why delete the entire thread instead of removing individual posts?

Mods, can you comment or contact me?


Apparently the site is being moderated or hacked by RedBlack fans :slight_smile:

Can’t stand the truth or know the difference between a knee, thigh or hip.

I also had a thread deleted. It was entitled, " Pathetic." The title was in reference to the game against Ottawa and the last time I looked, it had about 28 posts. I don't know how many were on that thread at the time of its deletion, but it seems to me that if someone was making derogatory remarks, that person should have been removed, not the entire thread.

I don't get it moderators..... Whats up with that?

Deleted post?! Really! :lol: :roll: :thup: :thdn: :cry:

I have no idea, not being a mod, but maybe it's because there's already several threads on this topic. . . more than enough I'd say.

I had started reading the posts on "Pathetic"...they were truthful and honest...the negative comments about some of the coaches & players likely did it you see we don't have freedom of speech.

mods have merged similar/common threads in the past so I don't know why this could not have been done in these particular cases. (if that is the reason for the deletions)

the one thread got wildly a wash someone's mouth out with soap kinda way.

i'm only surprised on how long it took to get zapped :roll:

I actually started this thread early on after the game. I don't think that merging threads was the issue.
There were some off coloured remarks later and they should have been individually removed.
Removing entire threads is not necessary and impedes freedom of expression here.

There is no “freedom of expression” on a privately-owned website…

That is a fair and accurate point. As long as there are no personal attacks, racism, vulgarities, etc., I believe that the posts should stand. My comments were not offensive and therefore I expected them to stay. The "offside" posts could easily have been pulled and still maintain the dialogue that the thread intended.

It seems that some threads that don't shed a positive light on the team or just plain challenge the views of coaches or management just disappear as well. That is not the spirit of an open and honest forum regardless of whether it is private or public.

Unfortunately, they own the site, and they can moderate how they seem fit. We may not always agree with it, but we have to live with it.