Deke McPhee for DC

Okay---I know we need experience but we also need continuity and tradition.
Many people have been promoting bringing back Sudsy but this is unlikely. Why not the next best thing?
Deke is a Sudsy protege. He has years of CFL experience as Sudsy's right hand man and has produced everywhere he has been.

When he coached LB's here they were the best unit in the league.
When he coached the DL here they were the best unit in the league.
He is intense and would not tolerate anything short of maximum effort. He is a Hamilton guy and is already here.

I know he is HC at Waterloo but I think he would leave for this opportunity.....

couldnta said it better myself tombo. you go girl.

This would be an excellent move. :thup: :thup:

Put me down for a yes to Deke and that makes 4 votes, I believe it only takes 6 more to get the team to take notice and respond to our virtual wishes.

McPhee would be a nice hire.
I would like to under-employe a couple of guys. Shoot the sights higher.
Lets get a couple of over-qualified guys in here.
Dave Ritchie for defensive co-ordinator, and Danny Barrett for Offensive co-ordinator.
Both are head coach material, but proven CFL co-ordinators.
Either Greg Marshall would be fine additions.
Jim Daley, Jacques Chapelaine.
Lets get the best assistants possible!

Anybody, but our current defensive coordinator someone who could actually call a blitz and more than a 3 man front on a second down!!!

doesnt have enough experience with the american game :wink: ,

Never been a D co-ordinator in the CFL. Do we want that?

Isn't the lack of experince the number one acknowldged problem?

The guy I would like to see the Cats talk to and see if he'd be interested, is Less Browne as defensive secondary coach. Less was an all-star player with an "edge". I would like to see that kind of spirit again on the sidelines. I remember seeing him volunteering at at Tiger-Cat evaluation camp a few years back. Hey, Kavis Reed and Ritchie Hall got their shots, with Hall still finding success. Why not Less Browne?

Because I've witnessed him, first hand, assaulting a ref in the most cowardly way. It was brutal in the truest sense of the word, and any such individual is not worthy of coaching others when he has no personal integrity or lacks character needed to teach, lead and influence.

No way!

Mr. James T., You're the guy who's been touting Desjardins and still doing it. Don't think i need to expand on that. Browne's assualt was 7 years ago. Live and learn. The guy's got heart, talent, and drive. Maybe a great coach in the making. But, I see let's judge him on an incident. Nice.
(Besides who wouldn't like to see Jake Ireland meet Less in a dark alley. Kiddingggggg of course.)

Oh and I might add; the evaluation camp I am talking about I participated in and Less Browne was there as a volunteer. He had finished his career with the Lions and still came back to help out the Tiger-Cats. He was a true professional the way he conducted himself. He's worth a "looksee".
McPhee was at that camp too. While,Less talked to the players and focused on giving advice, McPhee was somewhat untouchable. Didn't really interact with the players and came across as a "little too important" to be there.
Just my thoughts.

Where have I done that?

I've never said he's done great or bad. I've only ever said that there's no way too judge either way after only one season. He wasn't given a fair chance is the argument I make whether you agree or not.

Browne's assualt was 7 years ago. The guy's got heart, talent, and drive. Maybe a great coach in the making. But, I see let's judge him on an incident. Nice.
You bet I can judge him on that. I was there. And anyone else that witnessed it probably would. It was brutal, vicious and cowardly. All are characteristcs I would [b]never [/b]want in someone who mentors younger people. Never.

It was not a simple mistake that can be forgotten.

If you want details or want to continue discussing this, feel free to PM me.

Hoping this thread is not subverted on allegations of what happened in an alley seven years ago, I'd love for Jim Daley to be brought in as an OC or DC (prefer Jim as OC), as he has a work ethic worthy of Atlas himself...

Dave Ritchie as DC would be a miracle (not that I don't advocate going after him!) and Less Brown as a specialty coach, (and the other names go flying by,,,Hitchcock, Morreale, Winfield, Philbrick, Montford et al...all a bit past their best as players, but fully aware of what this team represents and how to play in the second millenium...stuffed full of CFL experience and how to "bend the rules" to best effect...not like fans wouldn't come out to shake their hands and get an autograph, let alone be able to recognise if an existing player or "new recrut" really had what it takes....

If Earl or Rocky DePietro are going to tell me how to use receivers around an effective RB like Jesse or Tim, with a mobile QB like RW or CP, I will keep my long suffering cakehole shut and just watch any new GM shore up the OL, as should have been done earlier in 2007...

Good players don't necessarily make good coaches. I'm surprised how often I see such suggestions.

Playing and coaching are very, very different.

Les browne or Mcphee are both fan favorates.Mcphee is a nice to boot!That doesnt say if he could handle it!


McPhee is a college coach, not a pro coach.

Let’s hire pro-calibre coaches only please.

And no ex-Ticat coaching retreads.

I guess Rich Stubler is out of the running then, tsa.

Too bad. He would have been a big asset.
Rich Stubler Assistant Head Coach/
Defensive Coordinator, Toronto Argonauts

A renowned defensive strategist, Rich Stubler
began his CFL coaching career in 1983
when he joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,

helping lead the team to a Grey Cup Championship
in 1986, the first of four in his career..etc.

He's a college coach now....just as Charlie was a college coach the last few years...

He has years and years of CFL experience and most of them side by side with Sudsy....

mcphee has years of experience in the cfl he has the love and respect of the players with a dash of fear thrown in an excellent choice.neil lumsden for gm