Dejardins provides leadership

Nice to see we have restored order to this team. Dejardin has made it clear he is in charge and will be responsible for the on field product. Love the quote in the spectator that Holmes will be used properly. Can't help but think if we had this direction to start the season he would have restored order and stopped the insanity under Marshall and PaoPao. No offense to Katz but he was unable to take control of a bad situation and seemed uncomfortable in the role of GM. :thup:

Katz did good in the offseason, but in season he kinda lost it and fell apart, good job in pickin up marcel your right about him saying holmes will be used proberly, i think thats great and im looking forward to next year, although i dont agree with the firing of greg marshal i gotta say next year should b fun(now sign tay cody long term too)

Marshall had zero control over his players (dumb penalties) and hired/stuck with Paopao, even though the offence stunk. I'm glad Marshall is gone. We need a coach who is not so buddy/buddy with everyone.

Katz was interm,his main responsibility was to find a new GM. And I think he did well.

I agree whoknows, better we took some time finding a GM like Desjardins rather than just hiring anyone who a) doesn't understand the CFL or know it inside and out and b) who doesn't live, eat and breath it.

Katz did a terrific job of acquiring players such as Maas, Ranek, Holmes, Vaughn, Ralph (give him time. he’s young), Hudson, Cody.

What we lacked was proven CFL coaching.

Part of recognizing that led to the hiring of a football man like Marcel.

While he’s right when commenting ont he ptoper usage of Holmes, ultimately that is a coaching decision and not the GM’s.

What did Katz do in season that kinda lost it and fell apart?

ultimately that is a coaching decision and not the GM's.
Ahhh...but you are wrong. The GM has a vision for the team. It is up to him to hire a coache that fits that vision. The HC then does the same thing. That comes out during the interview process.

True, the GM wants to hire someone who is on the same page as he is philosophically, but we’re assuming that in this particular case the new coach and the GM will agree on what proper usage of Holmes is.

And, judging by recent comments, it looks like Lumsden will be the number one RB and Holmes will focus on kick returns.

we're assuming that in this particular case the new coach and the GM will agree on what proper usage of Holmes is
My point was that Marcel wont hire a coach who doesnt agree with him on some fundamental things, including the proper usuage of Holmes.

Even If I Personly Don't Agree with some Mr. Desjardins Policies at IWS.
He is the Right Man for Job In Hamilton..

Rob Katz did his Job and Did it Well.
He Got us Good Players and Good GM
To Build on for 2007 Season Great Effort.

Mr Desjardins has Signed Two Players to long Term Deals in Jessy and Corry .

Can't Wait to see what Else is Coming :slight_smile:

Oh, I hear ya. I agree completely.

Mr Desjardins has Signed Two Players to long Term Deals in Jessy and Corry .
You call signing Jesse Lumsden to essentially a 22 game contract long term???


I forgot to mention Clinton Wayne who has been very noticable in his play. So far, he is more effective and has not been the discipline problem that Belli was. That was aother Katz move.

listen katz brought in quality guys and the ultimate fault falls on the coaching (marshall) Katz was a casualty of bad coaching.

I agree, katz did a great job for the background he had, fantastic job Rob. But not sure the ultimate fault falls on the coaching here, I think much of this could have been that there wasn't in place a GM that wasn't interim. Coaching faults yes, but why were the coaches in place there as they were?

I’m not sure I’d consider him a casualty. After all he was an interim GM, but yes bad coaching is this team’s number one problem IMO, whether it’s Marshall or the last two OC’s I’m not so sure.

The fact that coach Salavantis can get the O-line to produce an instant running game in the span of one week really amazed me.

Oh yes, I give the managmement team credit for the player acquisitions, and blame for the coaching selections.

fantastic job no matter what his background. everyone was buying grey cup tickets at the start of the year. the coaches were here before him and i dont know anyone that didnt think before the season started that our oc was a bad choice. i really dont know what your trying to say by asking the question why the coaches were in place the way they were?

Worth repeating. He seemingly has the Oline giving Maas more time in the pocket too. We all knew going into this season that the Oline was suspect, but looking back at the first twelve games I don’t think any of us realized how grave the situation was.