Dejardins is a salary cap follower, NO MIRACLES THIS YEAR.

I would like to see the cats go after Printers and
quality cfl free agents this spring, but its not
going to happen this year with Dejardins in
charge. He worked with the CFL office and he is a
believer in the salary cap. So expect Winnipeg and
Toronto to walk all over us this spring when it comes to signings. :thdn: :thdn:

your kidding, right?...

are u that much of a 'fan-boy' to believe that crap?

calgary was one of the BIGGEST supporters of the cap, and THEY front-loaded contracts too...heck, every team in the league did it!

but hey, if u wanna keep blaming your teams crappy performances on other teams cheating, then go right ahead...whatever makes u feel better about 4-14!

Good thing we signed Corey Holmes to a contract worth 10,000 per year and a signing bonus of 90k :slight_smile:

8) .... and that's in U.S. funds too !!! :lol:

You really couldn't expect Desjardins to say he was going to go right out and exceed the cap could you? In fact, every GM in the league would say the exact same thing while doing everything they can to beat the cap in one way or another.

If Desjardins wants to keep his job, he'll do anything he can to field a competitive team in 2007 and that includes circumventing the cap. And yes, he worked in the CFL office but he also worked for the Als who regularly exceeded the cap (such as it's been).

IMO, if the Cats aren't competitive next season, it won't be because of the cap. It'll be because of poor scouting and recruiting, poor player selections, poor coaching, injuries, etc. etc.

An Argo fan

im pretty excited to see jesse n holmes, it'll b a one two punch like the colts r usin with rhodes n addai

anyone else think lumsden will finish in the top 3 or 4 for rushing next year? ( behind Sir Charles and Reynolds, ofcourse )

Let's see what Maas can do for another year, and a quality backup. We'll be fine, much better than last year at least. I think we will see a different Jason Maas this year. Like the Falcons, you also need receivers to go and get the ball.

Lot Maas Passes where Under Thrown due do his Shoulder Problems IMO. I don't think it will be any better Next year..

Cause of His Confidence it's Gone..
Personally if We can't trade him Cut him then.
Try and Get Printers Or Dave Dickson..

we already have him at middle linebacker

I agree with onknight trade maas for some good
canadian talent and take maas money and ralph's
money and bring up Printers. :thup: :thup: guys are too funny. Only if it was that easy!