Dejardin on FAN 590

Marcel was just on Football Friday with Hogan and Schultz and of course they talked about the head coaching job . Taffe is the #1 choice as we all know and Taffe has to decide if he wants to move to Canada . Lets hope he makes his mind up very quickly and we get the show on the road .

Dejardins also noted that the #1 position that has to be upgraded is the reciever position . So look for alot of changes thier .As well as a few QBS with pro experiance will be brought in to challenge Maas .

So all in all Dejardins didnt say very much that we hadnt heard before except maybe for Taffe trying to decide if he wants to move to Canada . But I had to laugh when Schultz asked Dejardins about Lumsden and what he thought Jesse could do next season .Schultz raved about Lumsden and said he thought 1,000 yds . next season would be very doable . As he was saying this I had to think about NWO and how he would of spit out his Corn Flakes if he would of heard that !!!!!

why would i spit out my cornflakes. i guess your handing out awards on preseason predictions. if thats the case we should be celebrating the grey cup....i would love to see him run for a 1000 then your gushing would catch up to the production. lastly its not hard to run for 1000 yards. christ we get 18 games. technically you dont even have to run for a hundred in a single game and we know jesse can do that. peace. thanks for thinking about me i dont know when you have time between jesse and your everyday life. go cats.

You have to think Vaughn and Morreale (age) Fleming (hasn't broken through)and Fowlkes (ok but not great) will have a tough time making the team next year.

I think that Desjardins needs to sign two big play free agent receivers to compliment Flick and Ralph. I'm glad to hear that he acknowledged that need on The Fan. With some big salaries getting dumped as a result of the cap, there should be some good receivers free, hopefully. Anyone know which big name receivers might get the boot from their present teams due to $$$$$?

Baby, you can find a reciever on any major US college team; Defense-Defense-Defense is the problem. Get 'er done and Lumsden and Jason will take care of the rest. If you can't see that, use Winnipeg as the template and watch things turn around. Eat 'em RAW!!!!

Disagree with there Our D was not that Bad last year.
There Problem was the Offence was not Scoring
so the Defence was Tired by half Time.

If Anything we need a Upgrade at Middle LB and that's it.

The Offence need to be Completely overhauled..

You know NWO, it wasnt me that was saying that it was Schultz and I believe he knows alot more about football than you or I will ever know . I knew it would get your back up so I just had to post it !!!!!

That's a nasty thing to do, but fun to read I have to admit. :lol:

What makes you think shultz knows more about football then me? Because he has a forum and is on t.v. lol. believing everything the media tells you has been par for the course. i hope you dont count on tsn, the spec and jesse's dad for all your information.

Just a lucky guess ......