From what I recall of McPherson when he has been in, he looked pretty good.

As for “rolling down”… of the three regular season games last year, the Bombers one won game by a single point and the other by two points. The Als win was by 6 pts.
And all this with half the starting D out due to injury. Not sure so sure about “rolling down”. :?

I think Adrian is more dangerous to Winnipeg anyway. Winnipeg has trouble against mobile QB's. Also why is it always some Winnipeg fans (not all of you) that wish to hurt Calvillo ? Only fans in the league I've read/heard say that and quite often too.

…Any player deliberately trying to injure any other player in the CFL should get booted …period

…Now i know Anthony will be at his best against us…He still looks like he’s got the goods BUT what the heck was that baloney Burris was trying to pass off on the fans last night…When will people take Buono (in the case of Pierce) and Hufnagel (in the case of Burris) seriously about their assessment of talent…You can’t deny they were bang-on with their take on both pivots…It’s going to be a long year in the hammer, with Burris playing like the ol Burris of 2011 and in our case the on again off again health situation with Buck …Pays to listen to experienced people sometimes :wink:

I'm thinking Healthy Buck or no healthy Buck, this team is officially Brinks now. Lapo and staff gotta be getting tired of giving Pierce the first team reps all week to have him not finish the game.

Especially since it's not even like Buck is lights out when he is playing. His decision-making has gone down the toilet in the past calendar year. He gets happy feet way too quickly, he can't hit the deep ball anymore, and his ability to go through his progressions is really limited. Sad. I remember him being a much more dangerous quarterback a few years ago, but all the injuries (and specifically the head injuries) have probably done a number on his mental acuity.

Buono and Hufnagel have forgotten more about assessing QBs than a lot of coaches will ever know. Huffer did not want to jettison Burris, but Hank left him no choice. He must have seen a pretty significant decline to flip the 2010 MOP.

Its just one game but I have a feeling Lapolice has already made his decision. Remember how difficult it was for Pierce to get a contract ?

I think this is Brink's team now.

If Brink plays well , I think Bucks days are numbered?! If both #@@# the bed, Lapo,s days are numbered.

.....Buck has declared himself ready for Mont.....Doubt it and it will be up to the docs in any event.... I believe Brink will get the start...IF he starts to falter (could happen if the vets. aren't back on the o line) we'll probably get a look at Elliott ...I don't have a problem with Joey, as i believe he is a natural leader and possesses the tools to be a starter... HOWEVER he has fallen victim to injuries as well....Goltz anyone???? I liked his play but has he been playing for real, with our current o line??? One thing is a certainity ...we have a lot of options at qb. but we need at least a couple left standing :lol:

People seem to be forgetting we were playing the BC LIONS.

Let's be honest here, Ray was getting as much if not more pressure against him yesterday from Edmonton. Hamiltons Oline didnt look that good either. We'll see how calgary and montreal looks later.

I honestly Dont know what people expected,

When Steve Morley is the most experienced guy on the Oline and after that, its Greaves, who was starting his 4th or 5th game.. I dunno.

Did Pierce look good? NOPE. were receivers getting open? i dunno.

Did Dorzon help out at all? Not really. Saw him blow a block several times, several.

When you go into week 1 with Taormina,Swiston and Kowalczuk all starting their first ever cfl games, 2 being tackles.. this is what happens.

No team would have the depth on the oline if 2 of their tackles went down.

That was BC we played. People need to remember and recognize that.. BC LIONS.

Instead of harping on the negatives.. why not look at the positives

Demond Washington,Bryant Turner and the entire Defense and Special Teams all looked great.

The O struggled yes but 3rd string running back and 3 rookie Olineman, 2 filling in for injured guys... man, I'll bet if thats Toronto,Hamilton,Edmonton,Calgary,Montreal,Sask...Bet the same thing happens.

Takes time for the Oline to gel, if people expected them to go out there and dominate, i dunno, Expectations were way too high.

Biggest bomber fan around but even i expected that one to get ugly when i heard january was out, Funny thing happened tho, Crappy oline,no Running game, yet.. we hung in there with the BC LIONS for 3 3.5 quarters.

Heres the crazy part, Washington returns that ball to the bc 20, refs dont make the weak call on the hold, even tsn said it was weak,who knows what happens. They were in it for 3 3.5 quarters. That to me, with a rookie oline, 3rd string rb.. man, what more can you expect?

....Hung in there.......that we did killer......The outcome was no surprise...One thing that bothers us mostly is that we are getting a little tired of the 'Buck injury scenario" as much as anything....Certainly with the probs.on the o line, it left us vulnerable and the inevitable happened...Don't know bout you but i was getting the feeling that this game was an extension of preseason and we were getting a long-look at our starters...Maybe just me but i expect a different team going against the game...We'll see :roll:

was buck really that “injured” or was it just a reason to get him out of there… perhaps save him from being really injured. the guy had no protection at all, plays looked just messed up. the first play of the game even, that was one messed up looking play, looked like it was supposed to be a handoff to the rb but the rb i guess i dunno. it wasnt good.

Bombers are in a unique situation in the CFL. They don't have a star #1 QB but they have 3 very good #2.

not sure i agree with this as i think pierce isnt as bad as some people believe he is. if we are basing this on 1 bad game or a few bad games, then guys like burris,calvillo i guess arent that great either. because they all have crappy games, so does ricky ray.. jyles is just, well.. i dunno. tate is still an unknown.

heck even travis lulay started out 0-5 or something last year and got pulled from a few starts.

i suppose if this is based on 1 or 2 or a handfull of bad games "recently".. well, the only guy who be a legit #1 star qb is indeed travis lulay.. as bc hasnt lost in quite some time.

what about durant? 1 good game a handful of awful games, it seems to be how it works.. i mean, right now the only legit star #1 qb is lulay based on just the fact bc hasnt lost in its last like what? 12 13 games

Bucks a #1 IMO. 10 wins last year, beats out most of the other teams "star" #1 QB. I'm a fan of Brink as others are of Elliott, but both are very good backups . There's a confidence level with having either come into a game but in reality neither has won a game in their careers yet. Other teams have backups which, though lesser regarded, have won games (Glenn, Joseph, Porter).

Are you sure Brink didn't win a game? I thought he had...

Elliott would have won his start against Calgary. He was ready to nail down the lid until that one play where Jeffers Harris fumbled away a red-zone catch, Calgary returned it to our red zone, and Elliott took a season-ending injury making the tackle. So that should have been a win, just like the '08 Cup should have been a win if Eiben hadn't broken Glenn's arm.

(I know, papazoola, "woulda/coulda/shoulda," but this is Ploen Truth's Law of Reciprocal Conditionality in operation: "If some things were different, other things would be different too." :wink: )

Well, let's hope that nobody gets injured tonight on either side. I think I'm the only non-Bomber fan in BigDave's pool to pick Winnipeg as the winner tonight, but I REALLY hope I'm wrong. :smiley:

Traitor :lol:

No more than you last week. :lol: