I'm not quite sure what you're trying to insinuate with this.

Have you forgotten some of things that Hefney and Johnson tweeted about Winnipeg's personnel moves this past off-season?

Have you forgotten some of things that Hefney and Johnson tweeted about Winnipeg's personnel moves this past off-season?
....Oh i think Mr. Mack has straightened all of the twitter nonsense out....Not really an issue anymore...AND if you think it has affected their play :lol: For a guy feeling 'hurt' about that situation, that sure was a nice pick Hefney had against the Als. last game and Johnson is his usual jovial self....Jovial Jovon...hehe..i kinda like that...AND last word from those guys was they like the new talent brought on board by Mack for 2012...You'll get a taste of it Wednesday :lol:

3 - 7 down the stretch, which was worst last 10 game record of any team, including those that missed the playoffs, seems to suggest otherwise. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Laughter? When talking about dead coaches? Stay classy Taleback...

Sorry. My bad. Laughter was directed at Killer and another one of his easily debatable "opinions". No disrespect intended to the Bombers or their staff.

No worries...they are easily debatable... :wink:

Forgot to mention, or their fans. Easily the 2nd :wink: best in the league. Will never miss a Bomber home game on the tube as watching it just reminds me of home.

I agree with Taleback. This Wingnut continually goes trolling on the Rider site. I don't see why we can't start returning the favoured.

The reason bombers don't get respect is because of fans like wingnut giving bomber FANS a bad rap. Hey wingnut why is it u always whine in every post you make? U sound like u still live with ur mommy. Perhaps it (no respect) has something to due with not winning a GC since the last millennium (lol) :rockin:

Sorry no disrespect to real bomber fans. :smiley:

So don't stoop to his level, who's the wingnut now?

I try to never criticize other fans and especially their teams, because after all I’d rather sit with a CFL fan regardless of their team rather than any other fans of any other league. Now if Wingnut, I mean Killer, is on other forums creating shite, then he deserves criticism. Personally, I enjoy reading Killers’ rants, they’re usually humourous and sometimes right ! What I really like about Killer is he makes the rest of us Bomber fans look cool, calm, intelligent and logical. In this sense I see him as a valuable poster. are so right Dan on the 'cool' part....speaking about myself, i don't know about logical and intelligent :lol:..I can see why killer would get under the skin of fans from other clubs...He's what you call an 'instigator' ...good to have on your team 'sometimes' but when they're taking too many penalties, a definite liability ..BUT by jove, you're bang-on about him being right once in awhile..Surprises the hell out of me when he is :lol:

We've got the best offensive line in the league, a line with all its members from last year intact, that understands how to protect the quarterback. The best way to make sure your QB doesn't get injured is to keep him from getting hit. Winnipeg has more proven depth at QB, for sure, but its offensive line has serious question marks.

On McPherson: he is entering his fifth season with the Alouettes. And one bad preseason quarter means very little TBH. Adrian has come into games in the past and performed very well. He may not have the CFL game experience of Brink or Elliott, but that's not a reflection on him, just a testament to our offensive line's ability to keep our starter healthy.

plus you got jeff reinbold as your defensive coordinator
Don't knock him until you see what he can do. Jeff has a lot to prove, no question, but pretty much any player who played for him in the past has nothing but good things to say about him. Did he make mistakes as Winnipeg's HC? I'm sure. But he didn't have a QB and that was his downfall.
and when Trestman takes off to the nfl next year, probably your next head coach.
And this has been confirmed where? Or is it just your wishful thinking? If Trestman goes to the NFL, Popp will address it, but for now, he's our head coach, and there's a whole season of football to be played.
Als were at the top of the hill for sure for many years, last year they started rolling down. It continues this season. Count on it.
Our defense 'rolled down' because of an insane number of injuries.

Our 'rolling down' offense was the league's best.

Our 'rolling down' record was the same as the Bombers.

Try again.

Good point. Hard to sit back and not comment. He's all over the place and rarely makes any sense.

My apologies to Bomber fans.

LMFAO. I never thought of it that way, but from now on I will. Makes the Trolling easier to take. That was funny. :rockin:

trolling on rider fans forum? lol, so making 2 comments? and i'm called a wingnut? That's classy for sure. Wingnut.. LOL @ thekillerisme getting under the skin of some of you, it's funny, i posted on the main forum and a guy said, it's good to have you back, ive missed your enthusiasm. The funny thing about that? he remembered me, i didnt remember him. says all you need to know. TheKillerIsMe is memorable and since its my internet and i pay for it and you dont, all yall can basically kiss my blue and gold Ass. :slight_smile:

am i the only one who finds this funny? i mean, do people seriously take this crap said on here seriously? it's an online forum.. without someone like me, it's dead in here. I mean, its so funny to me that i upset or get under the skin of some people so much that they resort to name calling.Sitting here with a giant smile on my face the whole time while some of you get ulcers because of stuff i say on here. Seriously, i think people read these posts and they read it the way they want too, i mean, they read it in an angry grr tone and think, like how some read text messages.. I say it all with a giant smile on my face, i dont come here and throw out terms like "loser" or "wingnut".. yeah that term loser? is that supposed to hurt my feelings? is it supposed to bother me coming from a guy who uses terms like trolling? its an online forum man, seriously.. Am i not allowed to come into the rider form and make a comment or 2? if thats trolling as you say.. well, hook line and sinker, looks like i caught me a sucka.

Deja Vu. :lol: :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy: 23 years of it and counting. (Sidenote) this message is intended for Killerisme and no other Bomber fans.)

...The only thing 'deja vu' is the whopping that the riders put on the cats last night... (maybe Buck going down)Ya think they got their number...Our outcome, on the other hand, was predictable....The cats have A LOT of work to do... :oops:

Killer’s dad Al Gore invented the internet :lol:

It is a rude awakening for Tiger-Cat fans. I mean the last time I seen hype like that before a game wa even played was Skalbania's Alouettes. I was younger that Killer :lol: The problem with not living up to the fans own crow is the sour that follows from those fans feeling stupid.

I have more confidence in Lapolice to make adjustments than Cortez. You guys need a RB who can block REYNOLDS. January to return and Lapolice making adjustments to some of Crowton's "crazy". All that hurry up offense did is create confusion on their own side IMO.