tis the season to be delushional, its a few weeks b4 the season starts and every year the same teams get hyped and every year those teams struggle, every off season they go out and spend spend spend and every year they finish .500 or less. Yet every year they get hyped and every year its the same song and dance, oskee wee wee, oskee wa wa oskee less than .500

Every year montreal with an aging AC and a suspect D gets hyped, every year.. man they look so good on paper people say, yup but paper burns rather quickly. all it takes is 1 match or 1 strike of lightning and its done. in a second, much like the als. Yet hyped beyond belief every year.

Bombers, even after a grey cup appearance, no respect at all.

Can some explain to me why that is?

Its truly.. every year.. OH THE ALS RULE, THE CATS RULE.. the bombers will suck!!

Why is it like that every pre-season?

Carr? didnt have 1000 yards.. not a huge loss, he was really our 4th option at receiver behind edwards denmark and watson.
Labatte? ok that sucks but whatever, the oline hasnt been very good for years and he was a part of it, part of the problem sometimes too.
Khan? Good luck Obby, i like you but you should have retired last year even.
Brown? that hurts but D line looked ok when he missed a few last year too.
Willis? was traded... says all you need to know, bombers didnt want him.

When you think about it, we had 2 guys retire, (cant do much about that), had 1 guy leave to be with his preggo gf in sask(again cant do anything about that) a guy who was the 4th option leave over like 10,000 bucks or so(what can you do, his agent even said he signed with wpg then a day later, nope in edmonton for an extra 10 15 g's. (whatever really)
Willis? traded. invisible last year in the second half, except for his twitter moments at the grey cup. (distraction much?)

Just dont see why people never give the bombers any hype or love on these boards? its truly the same every year. Why is that? Our depth is solid, our D is the best or second best in the league, the O,well, they are iffy for sure but geez if they get it rolling, could be looking at some pretty ridiculous scores. I believe this year the Offence will catch up to the Defense and i believe this is the year thhe bombers bbring it home :slight_smile: 2012.. would make sense, the worlds ending soon :stuck_out_tongue: I guess on the main boards people like to say, when hell freezes over the bombers will win the cup, yeah.. k.. guess thats the same as the year of the apocolypse :wink: :wink:

The reason is two fold. First they have not won in over 20 years. Second defense is less glamorous than offense to many fans. As for winning a Grey Cup.

As for my opinion. I can't see any way in the world that this team wins a GC with their current offensive line.

I read Schultz's review of the Bombers and he almost made sense until he brought up the 20 years and counting without a cup thing.

The biggest reason he won't say anything good about the Bombers chances is because this is year 100 and it has to be an eastern team representing the east in the GC final, period.

I agree about the lack of respect around here. Sure we haven't won a championship in 20 years, but how many times did we get there since then? 5? We've had some great teams in that span, great teams. But for whatever reason a bounce or 2 didn't go our way and we didn't win the big one.
Yet like you said Killer, TiCats and Argo's always get hyped each year, and rarely do they achieve this. The TigerCats have had probably the worst 20 years in professional sports history, yet next year is always "the year".

I agree with you on Montreal as well. I really belive many Al's fans will wish he retired this year. He's going to struggle, and when he does it's going to be bad. They have no QB threat past AC, and that will show in spades this year. Many new faces on a mediocre D last year, and this team is for sure not the juggernaut it once was. I see them around .500

IMO the division is ours to lose, and the only weak spot is how the Oline starts off. I say starts because I am confident they will gel after some time together (like they always seems too).

Montreal is only a calendar year removed from having won back-to-back Grey Cups, and the Als have been the dominant franchise of the CFL of the 2000s. That’s why they get the benefit of the doubt. When a winning season is a given for the Bombers, rather than an anomaly, they’ll get the same benefit of the doubt.

Don’t compare the media treatment of Hamilton and Toronto to that of Montreal. It’s apples and oranges.

Montreal is a shadow of those back to back winning teams though, how many players or coaches for that matter are still around......even a dozen? To use that arguement completely ignores what is going on with the team, which is just a lazy way for a reporter to write a preseason review. :thdn:

Oh, I agree that their record over the past 15 or so years has been fantastic, and they deserve credit each preseason. I am not comparing them to the Argo's or cats - that is why they had their own paragraph in my post. I just think that era (and AC's) is at an end, and that cushy yearly record is a thing of the past.

I think it is because he does not want Rider fans riding him all year :stuck_out_tongue:

You reenforce the argument... Every season, it is a brand new team, with new players Poblah , Swiston..., coaches Crowton, new challenges (stadium), new opponents (Burris, Ray, Milanovich,Cortez,Reinebold. What teams did last season has very little to do with how they will finish this year. This is especially true in the CFL I think.

I can't predict at all how the four teams in the East will finish. I've tried to figure it out and I can't.

New player????Poblah was on our squad in 2012 ...Watch for this guy to have a banner year along with Watson...Bombers have a couple of departures on the oline who they won't really miss...LaBatte played poorly last year.. His peformance was lacklustre compared to other years...The player replacing him could have as good a year ...Khan was done...His illness finally caught up with him and it showed... Inspite of the poor playon the o line, we still made it to the Cup...Once our o line gels we'll be just fine...Talk about new coaches...I think you can see a lot more drastic movement, in that repect,with the other clubs in our division :wink: ...We'll be up at the top and anyone not respecting our talent or selling us short will pay the price....take that to the bank :wink:

I completely agree, so for Schultz to draw on 'the past' as his measuring stick for this season is what got my goat, lazy reporting imo.

I know, I know... he was injured in camp, didn't play a game for you guys last year. He's new...

[quote="HfxTC"]I know, I know... he was injured in camp, didn't play a game for you guys last year. He's new...[/quote

...Who are you referring to...Poblah played in the regular season and got hurt in a reg. season game NOT t.c...Mark my words you are going to have a helluva time covering this guy... :wink: Not to mention a guy by the name of Matthews, who is a new guy....Greg Carr who???? :lol:

I agree I think they will be improved as a group. and all 3 QB's are similar in ability, which is a nice insurance policy if Pierce goes down.

and remember last year Reid was our running back and until he went down and Garret came in we had not had a single 100 yard rushing performance from our feature back, causing 2nd and longs and the most 2 and outs the whole being able to run the ball this year really gets me excited this year as i think the bombers will do leaps and bounds better this year

Heck even getting no production from a feature back will make the oline struggle theres no guessing game when its 2nd and long its obvious pass rush time

We had a awful 2nd half of the season and were out classed in the Grey Cup game. It's great we got to the game ,but that is not good enough anymore. its been 21 years of losing and in a city that supports and Loves their Bombers , we deserve better! I could care less about rebuilding and so and so looks good and etc. just win the cup !

Wha? They have ONE season of not reaching the Grey Cup game, still post a winning record, and come close to making it to the EDF despite a bazillion injuries on defense, and they're a shadow team?

how many players or coaches for that matter are still around
Coaches: Trestman, Sinclair, Brady, Bischoff Players: Calvillo, Flory, Perrett, Bourke, LBJ, Woodruff, Richardson, Green, Bratton, Deslauriers, Bowman, Bekasiak, Cox, Parker, Brown, Emry

The core of the team is still the same. Change is always going to take place. Players will retire or get cut/traded, coaches will move on. That doesn't suddenly mean we're in a shambles.

To use that arguement completely ignores what is going on with the team, which is just a lazy way for a reporter to write a preseason review. :thdn:
But it's not being ignored. Everyone agrees Winnipeg had a dominant defense last season, but has to prove itself on offense. Everyone agrees Montreal had a dominant offense last year (league's best QB, running back, and receiver), but has to prove itself on defense.

Fair enough (although fans of other teams say this every year :wink:). If Calvillo had gone down last year, I'd be inclined to agree, but he was the league's best QB handing off to the league's best running back (Whitaker) and throwing to the league's top receiver (Richardson).

and that cushy yearly record is a thing of the past.
I certainly don't think we'll go 13-5 and dominate the division. I don't think any team is going to do that anymore. Parity is too high. But that doesn't mean we won't be in the mix for the division title. I think we're going to surprise some people. We've got a ton of new blood on defense, at least one new starting receiver, new fullback, and (I'm hoping) the hunger to compete. It's virtually impossible to avoid complacency when you're coming off B2B Grey Cups. This year, we're coming off an ignominious loss in the ESF in front of our own fans. I suspect the players are hungry again. :rockin:

Montreal's worst season in four years and we tie with Winnipeg in points for first :slight_smile:

yeah but at the start of the year, winnipeg wasnt supposed to do much at all.

a coach passed away, a very very very good one at that, the motivator really, richard harris. the man who created swaggervile really, hence why bomber fans who understand what its all about, get upset when people crap on it.. its like crapping on the grave of coach harris.

couldnt have been easy? bet lots of teams would have folded like tents if one of their coaches died.. bombers didnt.Actually about 5 days later, they went out and beat BC.

Montreal sounds like they have some internal issues as rumors are floating around that players are not happy about the release of diamond ferri and etienne boulay. Perhaps this is the years the als get grounded.

Calvillo better stay healthy.. i'll say that much..

If Pierce goes down, elliot and or brink has shown they can get the job done, mcpherson has been the heir apparent for 5 years and does not look good.

AC goes down, Als are done.. plus you got jeff reinbold as your defensive coordinator and when Trestman takes off to the nfl next year, probably your next head coach.

Als were at the top of the hill for sure for many years, last year they started rolling down. It continues this season. Count on it.