Déjà vu

Is anybody else having a sense of deja vu. Well except for the big hoopla caused by the refs in that BC game. First we come out super strong and it looks like we will never lose again, while most of the other teams seem to have a hard time. Then the other team start to build confidence, their ultimate goal is to beat the Als. Then they find our weaknesses and exploit them, AC, who was looked as a living God is suddenly second guessed by all. We start looking less and less invulnurable. Then, our guys fly off to the west coast to a doomed football game. In the start of the 3rd quarter they find themself wishing they were in bed instead playing this game they know they will lose anyway (always did). They return and become an average team (not terrible, not great), finish the season 12-6 or 13-5 which is not bad but they enter the playoffs as 2nd class team. They skip the first round as the east usually s..cks. Manage to win the semi and lose the Grey cup. :frowning:

Hope the hoopla will stir our guys anger so that they can finally break that spell. If they have any guts, they will humiliate the BC Lions next sunday.

How many games in a row have we lost? Oh right 1!
Thats hardly exploiting their weakness

AC has always been second guessed, even after a win, fans will critise

Having your body clock tell you its 3AM will do that to you

7-2 but in reality 8-1 is not a second class team

I see what Doc is saying though. Nearly every year, the Als not only win early in the season but make it look easy. After 4 or 5 games you hear comments like "The league is divided in two tiers...there's the Als, and then there is everyone else." As the season wears on, they still win their share of games but seem to have a much harder time doing so (even going sub 500 in the second half).

It's as if they start the season off in mid-season form and finish like they are playing together for the first time in the pre-season. Unfortunately, the culmination of this is a loss in the Grey Cup.

Well, you can't deny the fact that we are not as dominant as early in the season, especially in offense. But at this time we are still in transition.

I agree with you there. I am a big fan of AC, I was marely exposing the fact that the guy has to carry the weight of every defeat on his shoulder, and gets criticize more than his due.

That is exactly what I was pointing at. I have brought this up last year. Every year is the same thing. The Als go there to play an evening game, and the Lions come here to play an afternoon game. Shouldn't that be the other way around ?

My post has a chronology, we have not reached that part of the season where they become a second class team yet. So everything is possible.

I assume you mean play in the evening here and in the afternoon there?

BC has another advantage IMO

First Mtl goes and plays in BC and then both teams come here, IN 1 week, Monteal makes 2 cross country trips across multiple time zones but BC only does it once.....

And that's without the advantage of the refs taking away our TDs... :lol:

Déjà Vu? Yup

A Cobourne touchdown with 1 minute to go in the game? About the same play that was refused s week earlier?