Deja Vu?

It occurs to me that what Williams is doing with Printers is a lot like what Printers did with Dickenson in BC. I wonder just how far Williams could take the team if given an opportunity?

An Argo-Cat fan

Let's hope we don't have to find out.

Really you started a thread like this? Really?

Williams was adequet. What he did came from 29 games WATCHING AND LEARNING from the sidelines. Also, having a BIT more knowledge of the playbook helped him out as well. No contraversy here in my books...

Obviously, salaries alone suggest a different precedent and justification for the lack of an opportunity for Williams, unfortunately. Only an injury would give him that chance.

sigpig: So you see no natural ability at work here with Richie Williams? No special talent? Our coaches didn't either but if I were you I wouldn't apply for a scouting job.

Ah, a TiCat QB flame war. Brings tears to these eyes.

He has skills. He has talent. Is he better than Printers? I think not.

Who started this thread?

Is that you Ken Peters??

Making a QB controversy where none exists....again.

That's right there is no controversy. Williams is clearly better than Printers...