Déjà vu? - QB situation Maas - Dan Crowley

Déjà vu? Maas – Remember Dan Crowley

I wonder how many people on this site remember highly touted QB Dan Crowley. Back in 2002 the expansion Ottawa Renegades picked Crowley as their number 1 player in the expansion draft. Crowley was considered the best QB available at the time, he had been a terrific back up in Edmonton and played great coming off the bench. Many Edmonton fans hoped that the Gades would take Maas rather than Crowley. Everyone thought that Crowley would be a star of the future in the CFL
The Gades made Crowley their marquee player and paid him the big bucks.

2002 season he didn’t look comfortable at all, But considering it was an expansion team everyone was willing to overlook the bad season, blame the lack of chemistry with new players, receivers not running the proper routes, weak offensive line etc.
In 2003 with many of the same players back he was expected to lead the team and a much improved year 2, after all they had many weapons - Flick, Armstead, Ranek, Davis(remember Troy’s brother a 1,000yard rusher in Sask) great kicker Lawrence Tynes. But the guy looked terrible again through 2003, the fans booed him incessantly and called for the backup Joseph.

The Gades finally made the decision halfway through that season that the two backups Kerry Joseph and Banks would be their Number one and two.

Crowley with his big contract was let go and no other team wanted to touch him, he never played another down in the CFL.

I’m seeing the same situation with Maas this past couple of seasons, its time to pull the plug. But I’m not sure the backups are as ready as the Gades backups were in 03.

Maas has shown to be a great guy coming off the bench in the past.

Lets try that again.
The Argos have as tough as a defence that there is in the CFL, and it would be a tough start for Chang, but you can put Mass in any time you want.

Maas may be great coming off the bench, but who wants to play with a quarterback that consistently throws temper tantrums. Talk about a spoiled brat. I am sick and tired of the hands to the helmet routine, the stomping on the sidelines, the hands thrown up to the heavens of this man-child that is supposed to be the leader of the team. No wonder we have problems and can’t win games. Jason may be an adequate quarterback in the skills department but he gets failing grades in the leadership role that is probably more important. Remember Terry Bradshaw who probably had the worst physical skills of any top-level quarterback but when the game was on the line he would do anything to win and carried his teammates with him. Jason has yet to demonstrate his committment to this team, ergo, he complains how much he misses his family, but leaves them in Edmonton for the season. I can never see this man leading this team.

The Argos do have one of the top defences in the league, so yes it may be a problem throwing Chang in there with his lack of experience, but remember that cuts both ways. The Argo’s defence won’t have a lot of game film to study Chang…so maybe he can surprise them with a few things…here’s hoping, anyway.

I have been in maas's corner this year and I am now given up on him,like the players themselves. It is time for maas to go. IMO It is time to let the chang and williams take it the rest of the year.

The Argos will rush Timmy on almost every play so they better have plays setup for this or Timmy will get killed. Maas should be glad Timmy is going in there with the Boatmen and IF Timmy gets killed it will take the presure off MaasMan…Boys and girls. :slight_smile: