Deja-Vu all over again????

...Have we slipped back a couple of years to the Daley era.....o lineman going down like flys (Gauthier the latest)...the defensive secondary has so many holes its beginning to resemble swiss cheese...the qb. is tentative and playing with no enthusiasm (and thats being kind)what the hell is going on????I know its early but i see some red-flags and getting reflections from the past :roll:

You don't even need to go back that far papa.

The defence had a couple real stinkers last year, Calgary and Hamilton. But in both cases they bounced right back.

We also seen the offence get into these funks when they couldn't establish a running game. Slow out of the gate and finish strong in many games.

It seems to be a trademark of the Berry teams in Wpg.

But they always manage to turn it around. Berry is a good coach, he knows what needs fixing.