Deja vu all over again! first I thought I was watching a game taped from last year. The two weakest area's on the team last year haven't changed, we have the same two players...qb and fs looking the same as they did in 2006.

Instead we should be playing....I WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN..... :cowboy:

2006 vs 2007 , last year we had no pass rush (last in league) last night was the same, last year we took too many penalities, last night the same, last night Mass wouldn't or couldn't throw deep, last night the same

LOL for 2007

It is understandable that the new coaching team will watch and make a decision in the not so distant future. Does Jason deserve to be the QB?? I think so atleast for a few games. It should be noted that the blame should not be placed on the WR's as was done last year. I believe that if the same problem with going down the field exists in the next game Jason should be sent to an Orthopedic or Neurosurgeon
to give an honest professional opinion of his condition.

qb and fs looking the same as they did in 2006.
What are f's?

free safety?

Hey Steve,

Blaming the receivers like last year is no more a option. I agree with you there. Last year you could tell that they became frustrated at running those deep routes, play in and play out, and never getting a sniff of the ball.
If you noticed in Saturday’s game that the whole offence, especially the receivers came to life when Chang came in. Do you think that maybe it was because the ball might be thrown their way now Maas was taken out? :cowboy:

I've read that same thing several times now.

I've got to get me one of those HD sets - there's so much I missed Friday that others saw so clearly. Before I go and spend all that money, can you really see what a guy's thinking on one of those things? :?

HD is amazing... they run more faster and ah, they're eyes got more bigger when Chang comed in, so ahh, Chang means life... Start Chang... i guess?

Thanks for that - on my normal def set, Chang threw zero touchdown passes and one interception in limited time. What were his stats like in high def?

He would have a touchdown if that other player from the other team did'nt catch the ROCK!

I believe the saying goes fool me once SHAME on you fool me twice SHAME on me.... anyways just a friendly thought =D... Ans as for everybody saying ... OMG TOTALY NOT KEWL TO DISS THE MAAS MAN, GIVE HIM A FEW MORE GAMEZ B4 U JUDGE HIM!.... well let me ask you this, what happens when it comes down to October and you are 1 or 2 games behind the third place team for the last playoff spot?

To quote the Head Coach : " the coaching staff will call the plays "

That long sideline pass that gains 3 yrds has been used for the last 5 years.
This year the coaches put in a new wrinkle and called it from the end zone ! Wow, talk about beating yourself !

I realize the TD called back for a penalty doesn't count but Chang DID hit someone in the endzone,, Did Maas?.... no... he didn't even hit the guy WIDE OPEN 5 yards from the endzone either, I guess Corey should have been carrying an "I'M WIDE OPEN" flag to alert Maas to the fact

I'm tired of Maas' 15 games of less than mediocrity football

Hey there section8,

I guess you missed most of the play because the game was on Saturday night.
Anyways, I really do wish Maas all the best. He's a fierce competitor, no doubt. For whatever reason, he doesn't have any confidence in his arm. While in Edmonton, he was able to pass down the field, in the seams without hesitation. You saw Chang come in cold off the bench and do that with confidence.
I'm pulling for Maas, but I really do believe something is affecting his play, either mentally or physically. :cowboy:

It was Saturday? Damn, no wonder I couldn't remember having seen half of what I read described here in the days since.

I'm not entirely confident about Maas long term, either, but I hope he succeeds Saturday. And if he doesn't, then I hope Chang, or Williams, succeeds. I just saw a disappointing but expected loss that included a lot of factors, and in which Maas was nowhere near as bad as has been presented here, and Chang was nowhere near as good.