Defunct Leagues

Thread for leagues of old, where you can talk about subjects related the WHA, IHL, WFL, ABA, USFL, XFL, CBL, CBA, MJFL, etc. or defunct teams.


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I wish the NBA and the NHL tock the last 6 remaining teams from the ABA and WHA. That way we would have 32 teams in the NBA, and maybe 32 teams in the NHL in these places.


  1. Kentucky Colonels (Louisville)
  2. Utah Rookies (leaving the Clippers to move to St. Louis, and maybe have a team in Virginia, IMO)


  1. Birmingham Bulls (maybe them instead of the Panthers, IMO)
  2. Cincinnati Stingers (could be playing elsewhere now, IMO)

(that’s a start)

Oh great. More teams in the NHL. Just what we need. Lets make sure and water down the talent more than it already is.

How bout heading back to Winnipeg or start up in Hamilton for the NHL?
As for the NBA, I hope they pull the Craptors (sorry Raptors) out of Toronto for when the NLL (I really wish, but doubt it woil happen)expands to a longer season.

I acturally think the NHL should be at 28 teams, and only the Jets, Oilers, and Bulls should be in playing now.

pull the Raptors, no way!

If you think the NHL should have fewer teams, why are you wishing they would have more?

I said "and maybe 32 teams"

that's not wishing, but do wish, on the other hand, that the NBA would have two more teams in Kentucky (Louisville) and Virginia (Norfolk).

The Jets are dead and will be for the foreseeable future. I cannot see the NHL creating any more teams. Even if they did they would expand into new markets in the U.S. I don't like it but it's the way it is.

The NHL should have 16 teams. Four divisions of four teams, with the top two of each making it into the playoffs.

We could get rid of Anaheim, Atlanta, Carolina, Columbus, Florida, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pheonix, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington, two others... and I'd be temted to give the boot to ever-lame Chicago, even if they should be allowed to stay for being an Original-Six team.

28 teams, like the ECHL.

I would love to see that happen. The talent level in the NHL would be amazing.

16 teams gets my full endorsement. I wouldn't miss a game.....

What is the WFL? And all the hockey talk they should get rid of southern teams like Phoenix Tampa bay san jose for god sake they don't even have snow in those cities!!!!!!

I believe it was the old World Football League. I'm not sure if "Kanga version 2.Uh Oh" meant to refer to the World League of American Football (WLAF, which was the predecessor of NFL Europe), but I faintly remember a WFL years ago.


check the rules section, you will be in for a shock!

....woo.....I'm shocked....a defunct gimicky league thirty years dead featured the action point...see any correlation there Mbop?........

Maybe thats why it is a defunct football league....