Deflategate Punishment Handed Down

For just deflating the balls I think that no, this punishment is too harsh. However, for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Absolutely it's fair.

cheating should always carry harsh punishment.

yes others do worse things, usually off the field, but cheating that affects the game, or could affect the game, is just plain unacceptable in the world of sport.

I think it is about right - although this means I don't get to see Brady when I go to the New England @ Buffalo game in Week 2. On the other hand that gives the Bills a better chance to win that game though. :smiley:

Yeah right..haha.. Buffalo is too close to TO... The stench of Rogers is still on them too.

Brady was his own worst enemy by refusing to cooperate with the investigation.
Had he been forthcoming with the League Office/investigators, they may have given him a two game ban rather than four but like most athletes say, "De Nile is not just a river in Egypt".

In retrospect, he is fortunate the punishment was not harsher as the NFL does not take kindly to being snubbed, especially publicly.

From what I hear though - he answered every question asked of him. The 'lack of cooperation' we hear about is supposedly because he refused to give the investigators access to his personal emails and text messages - and really - I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't either until this became a legal thing and they got subpoenaed.

The investigator Wells was quoted in the report as saying ....

“Mr. Brady, the report sets forth, he came to the interview, he answered every question, he did not refuse to answer any questions in terms of the back and forth between Mr. Brady and my team — he was totally cooperative,? Wells said. “At the same time, he refused to permit us to review electronic data from his telephone or other instruments.
I suspect with the appeal the penalty is reduced to something like one or two games. (If 2 I still don't get to see him play - lol).

actually, the NFL/Wells only asked for texts/emails specifically pertaining to the investigation while also allowing for Brady's counsel to retain full autonomy of all electronic devices including all personal/private information and correspondence.....and yet they still refused..

[b]Brady declined to make available any documents or electronic information (including text messages and emails) that we requested, even though those requests were limited to the subject matter of our investigation (such as messages concerning the preparation of game balls, air pressure of balls, inflation of balls or deflation of balls) and we offered to allow Brady?s counsel to screen and control the production so that it would be limited strictly to responsive materials and would not involve our taking possession of Brady?s telephone or other electronic devices. Our inability to review contemporaneous communications and other documents in Brady?s possession and control related to the matters under review potentially limited the discovery of relevant evidence and was not helpful to the investigation.[/b]

Because the investigator did not require possession of the phone, Brady could have just pretended to read the actual texts. He could have just made something up as he went along. Something like how the two were discussing losing weight.

Goodell today upheld the four game suspension of Brady who had appealed the ban.

the following may have had something to do with it...

[b]Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone that he used for four months prior to meeting with independent investigator Ted Wells and more than 10,000 text messages along with it — something he did not disclose until four months after investigators had sought “electronic information? from the quarterback according to a ruling from the NFL upholding his four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate. Brady’s representatives, according to the decision, provided a letter from the quarterback’s cell phone carrier confirming the text messages sent or received from the destroyed cell phone could not be retrieved.

“He did so even though he was aware that investigators had requested access to text messages and other electronic information that had been stored on the phone,? according to the ruling.[/b]

Brady figured he could do whatever he wanted. He's a cheat. You kind of wonder how long they have been deflating the balls for advantage, and how many close games they won because of it.

Like Brady is the only cheater in sports. You do what you have to do ie. curved stick in hockey, a bit of stuff on the baseball as a pitcher etc. You just don't get caught! :wink: Golfers are probably the exception though where honour is paramount, mind you is golf really a sport? :wink:

This whole thing is a joke. Goodell is a jackass.

Yes the Patriots cheated. They deflated the balls to an illegal specification. The NFL's own rulebook states a penalty of being forced to use the other team's balls and the organization being fined 25k. Suspending Brady for ANY games is the equivalent of a year in jail for jaywalking. The very fact that Brady himself is on trial and not just the organization at large proves the outright vindictiveness of this witch hunt.

The Patriots and Brady are being unfairly persecuted because they are good and win a lot. Because they are good and win a lot many fans hate them. Because many fans hate them and most fans don't know or care about the fine print in the rule book they want blood. Because the fans want blood, Goodell is ignoring the rulebook and making things up as he goes along to please the fans, and this is fun for him because he has a ridiculous ego (way bigger than even Belichik) and this is an ego trip for him.

Goodell is an ass. He did everything he could to cover up Ray Rice until human decency got to the media and blew the lid off the case. Yet when it comes to some illegal equipment (that did not even affect the outcome of a blowout game) he is ready to throw the book at Brady and the Patriots proves what a self serving egotistical prick Goodell is.

Yes, the balls were illegal. it was an equipment violation. It was the equivalent of a lineman putting vaseline on his jersey. You get caught with vaseline on your jersey it's 10 yards and you get off the field until you change into a legal jersey. There is no suspension.

The Patriots were not collecting bounties. The Patriots were not running a Lance-Armstrong-mandatory roid ring. The Patriots were not tampering with rival contracts. Deflating the balls is the equivalent of HOLDING. You do not SUSPEND anyone for HOLDING!

If you deflate the balls, it should be 10 yards and be forced to use the other team's legal balls then fine Mr Kraft 25k. Anything more is bulls**t.

If the legality of the balls is really this damn important why were the officials not suspended or fired? Why just Brady and the Patriots?

To those who say that they should be punished for not cooperating: Why the hell should they cooperate with what they know damn well is nothing more than a witch hunt?

The Patriots are guilty. They are guilty of something so incredibly minor. yes Bill Belichik is the 2nd biggest a**hole in football. Goodell is the biggest.

Free Tom Brady. F*k Goodell and his total ego trip bulls**t.