Deflated said:

Tell you what 2005, lets compromise, IF the Riders LOSE i'll wear something very Stampish for a week, and i'll also praise how wonderful Burris is ....gulp....

rw2005 said:

LOL no I would not want to see you abused by your fellow fans. How about for one week we praise the winning team? Do not wear red it just is not your color LOL.

Deflated said:


Ok deflated do not hide my friend it is time to pay up!

Maybe he's deflated that he has to say something nice about the Stamps?

Bada Bing Bada Boom,

For next act.........

Or he just can't think of anything nice to say about the Stamps...

I was planning a top 10 list, but i’d be in way in over my head…

See if Sporty will give you a hand... or maybe Red.

Stamps have the best ex QB head coach presently coaching in the league.

Stamps are not the eskimoes

at least the Stamps are not red white and BLUE.

UM..Thats about all the nice things I can think of to help mr deflated.

Just for you RW2005. For me the pre-game week of good nature smack talk added to that burning desire of wanting too crush the Stamps.....sigh....As for the game, congratulations on the well deserved win and thank you for being humble and gracious in the process....May the rivalry continue...

Hmmmm is there more? Congratulations was not part of the bet. You have to make a statement about the Stamps let help!
Defalted says:
Henry Burris by far is the great QB and his Stampeders are great and talented. Or are you not a man of your words. Did I mention you need to do this for a week. I let you out of wearing red however. Read the bet.

This is the part you have forgotten!

IF the Riders LOSE i'll wear something very Stampish for a week, and i'll also praise how wonderful Burris is ....gulp....

And it is for a full week.

Interesting that someone who can't own up to the fact that he was wrong about how much the Riders were over the SMS last year, expects someone else to pay up on a bet.

Why do you not mind your own business.. The SMS was not a bet it was a debate seems like you have know idea what that would be like to honor.

Looks like I struck a nerve... I do know the difference.. you cant own up to the fact that you were wrong, you have never admitted it, just keep avoiding the subject. I'm sure deflated will honour his bet.. at least he is a man of his word.. unlike you.

I was not wrong were the riders not over the SMS something I predicted at season start last year. When Ted Hellard may I remind you stated two teams would be over the SMS by season end. This subject matter has nothing to do with the fact that deflated and I have a bet. I am sure he will honor that bet. If he doesn't it proves one thing he has no honor. If you can read you will see the subject matter of the bet.

Deflecting again I see. You predicted the Riders would be over by 335K+... when the real amount was 76K, at least own up to the fact that your number was totally wrong.

The bet that is supposed to last the week, and it has been what two days? Five left for him to honour the bet. I guess you dont your own thread very well either.


A good hearted thread turned into crap by Sambo. Keep it up dude, your on a roll.

I agree. You to need to walk away. This topic isn't about the SMS. It's between a bet made by 05 and Deflated. Let them settle it themselves.

Well Sambo a good football fan not a whiner would honor the bet not by staying away. Does Deflated have honor or not is the question. Again this has nothing to do with the SMS. And if you wish I will admit the numbers were wrong you feel much better I would hope. The point I predicted that the riders were one of the team over and that was a fact. Now I would hope that my good friend deflated honors our bet. & days of lovin Hank Burris will be sweet. Even if he makes a post a day with a nice message of hank would be the honorable thing to do. Stay away would be something a poor sport would do. Heck I even stated he would not have to wear red to soften the bet.

Not sure but why bet if you do not honor it is my take on this matter.

RW2005,technically the week starts on the 10th, but who am i to get petty, besides i see you have begun too bring in other posters to intimidate…typical…
Here ya go then…I am probably one of the few Rider fans that grin from ear to ear with every game that Hank is in red…Who is Hanks biggest fan, (besides Hank himself) it’s me of course, and lastly, Hank knows he deserves too play for he best CFL team ever, and I believe the Stamps believe that Hank is playing for the best…satisfied rw2005

The point of this thread is to start a pissing match and hence one insues... Yet I post a message on how much Jake Ireland needs to retire or be fired and get attacked... The mods really really have to stop playing favorites around here... A post like this should have been deleted as fast as Spiddy99 post on Dinwiddie being a pillow biter.

Why I do not mean any malice towards deflated just wondering when he would start to post. We have made bets on this site before and people generally carry them out. The week should have started the very next day No. Buyt I guess you can start it today. The end date would be the 17th at midnight and I would thing one post a day with out drama of course would suffice. What I drummed up support for you to honor your bet seems a bit bitter to me? Possibly one person that I know made a post in that regard the others I do not have to twist their arms. Most people honor a bet maybe according to Sambo you do not. So where does that leave credibility. As far as Blin is concerned I have no idea what your talking about a pissing match it appears lately you have been in a lot of them. Not sure what your agenda is but wow you need to have some coffee and settle down.
The point of this thread was for Deflated and those that took part voiced their opinion even sambo. And I see deflated started reluctantly and I hope in the future deflated you can leave the sarcasim out of it.

Why a shot at the mods Blin?