Definition of "A True Fan" ????????

Over many years of sport and particularly in the Ticat forums many so called "Fans" make the comment about one another of not being "a true fan".

Well this is it, take a moment and please explain what you think it is or whether it's a completely overblown comment.
Step right up, the page is yours.


A true fan is:
Riding out the highs and lows with a team.

It has nothing to do with paying money to see or having to attend all games or to be a "seasons ticket holder".

Nuff said.

A true fan supports a team through good times and bad times. Support can come in many different forms. A season ticket holder may be the most negative complaining fan ever while a fan who cant make a game for whatever reason will always stick up for his/her team. It could be a kid who never gets to go but gets a hat for christmas and sleeps with it on, or it could be anyone who refuses to back down when someone disses their team. Sooner or later it shifts and every dog has his/her day. I think a true fan isnt afraid to say that he loves his/her team even when they are the worst team in the league and when they win people know that is the person who was there all along, regardless of win or loss, they are still proud of their team. If you are true to your team you are a true fan and being passionate is part of it. True fans should complain and should be concerned when a team goes off the rails, it matters to them more than the average person. I think anyone on this site who takes time to read and respond about the ticats and truly cares about the ticats is a true fan. We may not always agree, but when we win that cup, we will all raise a glass to the team we love and how we all climbed that mountain together!

I agree with this post. (edited for the main points)

a TRUE fan wears double blue!

just kidding…lol ( had u goin there, didnt i )

A person who always follows his team

and roots for them no matter
what their win/loss record is.

They don't necessarily have to defend
their support for the team to everyone.

Why argue with people determined
to get you all 'hot and bothered?'


They could be almost secret 'closet fans'
in bad years and keep it to themselves,

like me in the years with 13,000 in attendance. :smiley:

Couldn't have said it better myself.

(The part about the kid with the hat was cute, btw.) :wink:

I am neither a Leaf nor a Cubs fan but in my mind they epitomize what a true sports fan is willing to endure.The Cubs haven't won the World Series for 100 years and the Leafs haven't raised the Cup for 41 years.Their fans have to be the most loyal in the world.Many of us on this site get upset because it's been 9 years since the Cats were on top.Relatively speaking,we've been spoiled.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Interesting examples - I hope the definition of fan isn't too close to the definition of masochist, or I'll have to count myself out.

I'd like to hear what people think about this one - a buddy of mine in Chicago was a 30-year Blackhawks season ticket holder/fan. The previous owner of the Hawks, who died a few months ago, was one of those activist owners that badly abused the fan base for many years, giving them garbage and treating them like they should feel honoured to pay him for it. Over the years, my friend (and, he says, many of his fellow fans) drifted away and vowed not to support the team until the ownership changed. Attended no games in six years. Got his hockey fix watching the AHL (the Wolves are Thrashers affiliate) and playing for his beer league team. His young son choose the Minnesota Wild as his team. I can't say for sure what Eric's going to do next year (now that the devil is dead) but when I sent him a congratulatory email he told me he was helping organize a Resurrect the 'Hawks night at a local bar.

Eric loved the logo but hated watching the owner wipe his arse with it. So where does Eric fit on the "true fan" scale?

I can't say where he fits on the "true fan" scale, but I can say that I can't imagine not going to see the Cats play because I didn't like the ownership. I sympathize with him and can understand not wanting to be screwed over, but I wouldn't let that stop me from watching the team. It's definately a bad spot to be in because you don't want to line the pockets of the jerk who has been ruining the team you love.

I love how you say they ride it out through highs and lows, well then why are all of you complaining that your not renewing because the team hasn't been good the last couple years.

I don't mind spending money on season tickets because it helps to keep the team in Hamilton, and goes to help bringing in people to help us win.

I'm sure the organization wants to win as bad as the "true fan"

However, I love seeing the amount of fans the ticats have who just love having the team here in Hamilton and support the team anyway they can.

Leaf fans are their own worst enemy. Their blind support for the Leafs has meant that the organization has had no real incentive to improve the team for 40+ years. So are Leaf fans loyal or are they stupid? I tend to believe the latter.

As for who is a "true fan", I think it's up to the individual to decide whether they are a fan of a certain team or not. We all draw the line in the sand in different places and every line is valid as far as I'm concerned. To me, the guy who watches the team on tv can be as much of a fan as the guy who has season's tix and buys the jerseys and the beer.

An Argo-Cat fan.

I’m afraid to say that it has often struck me that the people who use this term do so for reasons that are largely self-serving… to define themselves as “true” fans and to categorize whoever disagrees with their point of view as not meeting that lofty standard and being somehow inferior to the labeler. It seems too easy a way to criticize others without actually having to bolster one’s own argument; when all else fails, just accuse others of not being “true” fans.

I don’t have any idea what makes someone a “true” fan, nor would I presume to try to define in that way anyone else’s sense of interest in or loyalty to the Tiger-Cats. I’m a fan of the Tiger-Cats, have been for about 45 years or so. I imagine pretty much everyone who visits this forum, or goes to games, or watches them on TV is a fan. Let everyone follow the team in his or her own way.

Why BG, does it remind you of yourself? :lol:

stevehvh has hit the nail on the head.
‘True fan’ is usually used by those who think it applies to them, and any others who fit the same pattern that they put themselves in.

You rarely see the term used by someone who considers himself less than a fanatic, but wishes to praise somebody else.

How can you quantify ‘fandom’, or set boundaries on what activities your ‘true fan’ indulges? We are all different. We have different physical restraints, different family responsibilities, different financial status, live in different locations.

Isn’t it enough to say that we are interested to the extent of our ability?

Indeed. Unlike some of the loyalty oath fare being pushed here on this site, declaring oneself a Ticat fan considering our recent lack of success is enough masochism to earn one a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card at least, I would think! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

"Real fans" or "reeling real fans" don't need to sweat being called out by folks who more often than not are more concerned with their self-annointed status as being a True Believer (TM) that actually supporting the club through thick and thin, even if one is critical about the direction of the team's fortunes from time to time.

Living in Montreal, it is a curious thing to declare my football allegiance in Als country...I often get the requisite expression of sympathy re the Cats situation or (surprisingly often) I get the reply that the Cats are a team that many consider their #2. Funny how many Cat fans one finds in this East outpost if one talks football! LOL

If we can get past the collective offseason urination Olympics on until training camp, that would be nice...being prudent, I will continue to keep my umbrella low and avoid being downwind. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd be more inclined to have an opinion on what a "real" fan isn't - someone that makes value judgements on other people's level of support for a team. If there's anywhere that an egalitarian, "everyone under the tent that wants to be there" spirit should apply, it's to local sports.

Yeah, pro football is a business, and it needs a minimum level of $ support to be viable, and yeah, it's also only a frivolous entertainment, but I figure you start pushing everyone out in the rain that doesn't share your specific narrow view of what it means to be a part of something like this, and who you got left?

Russ, you are in fine form tonight.

This whole spread is really funny! Who is a real fan?Who is a better fan? Everyone who supports a team through thick and thin, Bad or good should be accepted as a fan not better or for worse!:wink: Lets stop separating the masses eh!

Real fans aren't fairweather fans. They support the team thru thick and thin. They don't have to have season tickets or go to road games. It's showing support even in the offseason. It's not afraid to wear your team colours to an away game while Timmy Chang throws 4 interceptions. Only true fans have a right to complain about pricing or moves or losses because the fairweather fan doesn't follow the team.

In the end a True Fan bleeds Black and Gold!