Defining game for the BC Leos


This seems to be a defining game for the BC Lions. With their # 1QB out indefinetly and the last place Boo-Bombers in town, the Lions had better win. They barely escaped with a win against the equally bad Toronto rudderless Argos last week. If Jarious flops and the # 3 guy does the same and the Boo-Bombers escape with a win, Wally and the West-coast tree-huggers are in for a long, long season. On the other hand, if B.C. wins they are back in the thick of things in the always wild West! :rockin: :smiley: 8)

I'd say both teams still have a few kinks to work out.

...seems the BigBlue didn't just squeak out a win.....we kicked their A$$.....feels good to get a nice win like that under our belt...gobble gobble....

Yeah looks like Fred Reid 'Gobble Gobble'd' his way into the BB history books tonight.

See you Labour Day.

Defining game alright. Defining how bad the Lions r at stopping the run.

Interesting game, Reid is one heck of a back and can make people miss but there were some excellent holes created by the o-line. Bishop looked very comfortable. The Lions have issues obviously.

Pretty much, it was embarassing. Even the great Lui Passaglia left the game early! He’s in my section. If that doesn’t say a lot, I don’t know what does.