Define SPORT

Lets see if we can come to a general understanding among the majority of not what is a sport but what sport is.

I find when I try to come up with my own definition, it always ends up restricting something I do think is a sport.

so, I will try to start with this.

A sport is something that combines at least two of the following:

  • a combination of at least two of a high degree of physical balance, co-ordination, flexibility, and agility

  • a competitive event

  • high level of endurance, or strength in various required muscles

As well, to be a sport, it must require oneto be at a certain level of physical fitness in order to do it well

Feel free to offer alternative definitions.

"Physical fitness" is very, very broad in meaning though. Throwing darts well at a competitive level does mean you've had to train your hand and arm muscles from getting tired too quickly so you can perform well later in the game and also your legs must have enough endurance to not be tired as there is a lot of standing involved, again late in the competition it's good if your legs aren't tired. Some people will probably disagree with me that darts requires any physical fitness though from their point of view.

Obviously I think we can all agree chess and other board games and playing cards are not sport since no significant muscular type of training, "physical fitness", is needed.

I think physical skill would be a better term than physical fitness. Sports require physical skills to succeed. These skills are gained from years of practice/training.

I like Aerial's example of darts. If I were to play darts with a pro dart player standing beside me instructing me, I would still suck. Even with the best instruction from the pro, I'd still struggle due to my lack of physical skill.

Compare this to a game like chess. If I were to play chess with a pro chess player dictating every move to me, I'd be equally as good as the pro. No physical skill required, it's all mental. I could totally replicate the pros game if I was told what to do. This isn't the case in a sport.

Excellent synopsis !

No question, letsgoticats makes a great point with that.

Now the Casey Martin case, no pun intended, was interesting for another angle on this question of what is a sport or in this case what IS the sport of golf in competition. He won in court to be able to ride in a cart to play on the PGA tour, link below for a piece on this. Some golfers such as Jack Nicklaus seemed to disagree with this at the time.

Anything you do for active leisure whether you keep score or not. The achievement whether just in your head or on paper is all that matters . That's why Fishing is a sport or just running on your own . Probably why poker is on TSN .

Well then, we have to define fishing. Fishing with a large net behind a trawler is not sport. Fishing a single fish that can easily break your line is more sporting or even trying to find an elusive fish is sporting. I would call fishing a sport.

I would say commercial fishing or dynamite fishing not a sport but an occupation cultivating a natural resource .

The definition line in fishing would have to be drawn as to how and why the activity is taking place . If your fishing and really need the food it's just survival .

Yes fishing is a sport but because of the variation in environmental factors it could never be sport in the Olympics .

Could you be a championship calibre fisherman or whatever, more or less inebriated, and come out winning or close to winning being intoxicated while you are performing? That's one cool sport I'd say. 8) Has any fisherman landed the "mighty of all mighty catches" not being a bit looped? Who knows. :-*

I guess that's a whole different topic, alcohol, drugs and sport and not talking enhancing drugs here. :wink:

Seen many curlers win a spiel after a few rum and cokes not anymore though .

I think the drinking on a boat now might get you in a little trouble but fly fishing or fishing from the dock or ice tent would see a drink or two consumed while trying to land the big one . :wink:

Golf qualifies as a sport by your criteria... its played competitively at all sorts of different levels... you need a high level endurance and strength in required muscles, and be a certain level of fitness to do it well... there are exceptions of course (Daly & Stadler as examples), but even they are at a certain fitness level to play.

There seems to be a lingering myth that all fishermen are drinkers and are drinking while fishing. I've landed some pretty big brutes and didn't drink at the same time. Wait till later ! Even before the clamp down on booze and a boat, we never drank while fishing. Never. It isn't all just guys who fish. Women and children like to fish too. I never understood why anyone needed to drink when they were fishing. Fishing itself is the drug. :wink:

I remember Mickey Lolich who pitched for the Detroit Tigers, he had a nice paunch on him at one time and not the only major league baseball player to have such a paunch.

I still remember John Kruk a tad heavy ,who said to a female reporter " I’m not an athlete I’m a baseball player ".

Those days are gone but back then I loved baseball as much as football .

I loved the folksy nature back then like Woody Fryman and Bill Spaceman Lee of the Expos .

I still remember always watching Jim Clancy of the Jays always having droopy pants and me worrying they will fall down at any given moment and smile .

There is just something too sterile and talent way over valued today that turned me off and except for the times the traditional Yankees make the play offs ; I tune out for the most part .

Baseball has really lost it's folksy nature sadly as you say. One of the reasons why baseball sure ain't what it used to be, gone downhill as that aspect of folksy and "American apple pie and Chevrolet".

Baseball is becoming more sterile each year, again sadly. For sure "Yankees make the playoffs" then everyone is happy, especially the television networks. :-\ Is what it is I guess.

I have a question for you FYB... do you consider curling a sport?

I could go either way with that. Haven't decided.